Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XIV: 45-48

Until now, as the day has not yet come,

I have been keeping still on whatever matters.

When we distinguish between the self-centered imagination and its origin we can understand the meaning of this. In all matters it has been the self-centered imagination that has been doing the talking. The truth of origin, though like the sun always present has just constantly shinned making the self-centered imagination possible but not intervening in it workings. 

But today, the time is fully pressing.

I shall directly do whatever things as I intend.

Now, being able to borrow Miki's mouth and speak to us God is hastening the recreation of the world of joyous life and is showing us the way to realize it. 

From now on, everything will be as the Parent intends.

Just a word and it will be realized without fail.

This refers to the fruits of human thoughts that flow from single-heartedness with the Parent. 

Throughout the world unto it farthest places,

no one knows what will happen.

No one knows or can know because by definition free and unlimited workings cannot be known or defined in advance. The children of the Parent of origin, with their minds anchored to the truth of origin as the foundation of all of their thinking, can move freely into the future without anxiety and fear of whatever changes may take place.