Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XIV: 49 - 52

Whatever may happen, there will be nothing to fear,

depending on your mind of sincerity.

So this freedom from fear of the future, no matter what may happen, depends upon our mind of sincerity. It seems then that if we are interested in the promise of that freedom then we should be interested in knowing what is meant by the phrase "mind of sincerity".

If only the mind is purified completely,

there will be nothing but delight in everything.

The answer is not long in coming. The "mind of sincerity" is the totally purified mind. The mind like clear water. 

If you are of mind to doubt this talk,

beware of the paths you may come upon.

So we can take it or leave it but the Parent of origin points out that if we leave it we have to tread carefully because we are going without the protection that is given to the totally purified mind. If I had a dollar for every time I've proved that to myself I would be a very wealthy man. 

Everyone throughout the world is a child dear to the Parent.

There is no knowing what I may say out of My deep love for you.

So here we go with the Model of Parental Love. The Parent of origin has a deep love for all of the children equally. There are two aspects of this that I would like to comment upon. First: As an individual this is very comforting and reassuring. I don't think that I have ever doubted this. 

Second: As someone who would like to be an instrument of God the Parent, a "Yoboku", this sets a standard for me to follow beyond my own comfort and assurance. For instance, the name Moonsun suited my temperament just fine. That is to say that a part of the Model that was designed to be appropriate for people in a particular time and place and at a particular level of spiritual maturity just happened to capture my self-centered imagination in this time and place. However, God the Parent felt it necessary to move on from it and I can honestly say that I have never met anyone else who feels about that name the way I do. 

Where the Model of Parental love comes in to this and the standard that is set is that the Model of Parental love makes it so that I cannot sincerely say that it is just too bad that other imaginations were not and are not drawn to Moonsun, that just happens to be the way it was taught. It certainly could look that way but that doesn't fit with a Model of Parental Love, wherein all of the children are loved equally. The Model then  is to try and find a way to attract all of the self-centered imaginations back to their origin in ways that are appropriate for the time place and level of spiritual maturity. And if one needs help by seeing examples of how to do that, then the Ofudesaki is provided as a sure guide and it is full of examples. 

Since the model is a Model of Parental Love and the Parent has the same deep love for all of the children and wants to find a way to open the minds of all of the children in ways that are appropriate for the children. With the exception of the Kagura Service which God tells us not to travel, God is wide open as concerns whatever services as long as they purify the mind and truly lead to single-hearted salvation. 

It seems to me then that some "Yoboku", instruments of God, might be working on ways to purify their own minds in ways that are appropriate for their time, place and level of spiritual maturity as well as making an effort to open new paths of single-heated salvation through the purification of the mind for others. Also in ways that are appropriate for their time place and level of spiritual maturity of other people. Indeed it seems to me that even the sincere effort of trying to find a way for someone else to purify their mind is a sincere service that would be acceptable to God our Parent. 

Since we all have the equipment at hand. A mind, a self-centered imagination, it occurs to me that this is something that we could even become expert in.