Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XIV: 57 - 60

Though until today we have passed

through every kind of path step by step,

Indeed on the long journey of humankind we have been wandering around and have explored ways without number. All perfectly in conformity to the step by step rules of causality. 

The path from now on will be entirely new and marvelous.

If we pass through this path,

The path of single-hearted salvation is entirely new and not like any of the worldly common paths that we have tread in the past or in the future. If we follow this new path of single-hearted salvation step by step we should expect to realize what is promised.

Then the mind of the Parent will spring forth spiritedly,

and I shall begin any and every working.

The mind of the Parent is now and always has been residing at the core of our mind. We are unaware of that truth and over time the mind of the Parent has been held down, depressed by the weight of our accumulated self-centered thoughts. When we remove that bulk that is holding the mind of the Parent down then we can expect that God's free and unlimited workings will shine through as the joy that is the very nature of the mind of the Parent. 

If only I begin the workings,

everyone, whoever one may be, will lean on the Parent.

The workings referred to is the task of gathering up instruments and teaching them how to purify their minds so that they can joyously open new paths of single-hearted salvation for other minds all over the world. When that begins to happen we will indeed cease to lean on our self-centered thinking and instead lean on our true and original Parent.