Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XIV: 5 - 8

For Tsukihi, this is the greatest regret.

That is why I do whatever things.

Moonsun's regret is the collective accumulated dust in all of our minds. Our situation is such that though we are seeking relief from our troubles and sufferings, because of the accumulated dust we are unable to freely accept the true salvation that Moonsun is trying to give us. 

The mind of Tsukihi hastens day after day,

but I cannot tell of it in words, even should I so desire.

All human languages function as tools for communicating self-centered relationships from a self-centered point of view. The knowledge and understanding that Moonsun is trying to awaken us to is deeper and more immediate than language and the relationships that language is used to define. When defined in words our self-image, who we imagine our self to be, is an ever changing and in many cases a fairly delicate construction made of ideas and feedback from fellow imaginations. The identity that Moonsun is hastening us to awaken to exists prior to any ideas of self. It is immediate and can be known and understood but is not limited by any relationship or imagined description. The truth of origin is not an idea. Returning to the truth of origin is not an academic exercise. It doesn't require any education or special tools, any one can do it. The only obstacle is whatever self-centered idea, like a speck of dust on a lens, just happens to be in the way at any given moment. 

That is why I put the fragrance even into your dreams.

Quickly ponder over it, please.

Our dreams are not a part of our public experience. They are intimately a part of our interior mental experience. Moonsun is here guiding us to look within our own mind. For most of us everything we know is about the outside world. This path hastens us to look within and find the truth of ourselves. Ultimately no one else can do this for us. It is a matter solely between our self and the truth of our innermost heart. 

The regret of Tsukihi

is not something that can be told in words.

The regret of Moonsun is huge. We all live the regret of Moonsun. It is the collective state of our self-centered imaginations manifest as the state of the world. That that state is lacking in joy is the unintended regret of Moonsun. 

We use language to communicate ideas and relationships both to others and in our internal conversation with our self. The mind of Moonsun resides as the innermost heart of all human beings. The relationship between our self-centered imagination and our innermost heart is direct and exists prior to language and our descriptions of names and forms. The regret of Moonsun is the accumulated self-centered thinking of all human beings. That regret is piled upon Moonsun's one original mind. It is an image that we can grasp in total but not in detail. In detail it is all the self-centered thoughts of all human beings everywhere. 

To relieve that regret we can each be responsible for removing our own share of it and that would be enough.