Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XIV: 61-64

I have been preparing to open this path,

but perhaps no one is aware of it.

Not as as criticism but as an observation. The reason why no one was aware of what God the Parent was trying to do is that everyone was absorbed in their own self-centered concerns. 

Now begin! In the course of this path form now on,

no danger will come to anyone, whoever one may be.

No danger is no danger at all but I think that we can get something of a feel for the problem that existed by referring back to God the Parent's teaching concerning the non-existence of demons, curses and evil spirits. That those things all existed as worldly common truths in the minds of many who heard God the Parent teach is certain. From the point of view of those worldly common truths then God the Parent could easily have been intending them some harm. 

Secondly there was the fear of the authorities and God the Parent's freedom from the bondage of  cultural norms to worry about. 

And lastly there was no understanding of the Model of Parental Love with all that it entails. 

Though until now I have brought anxiety to those within

about various matters,

God the Parent's Model starts with the Nakayama family and spreads outward from there. There was misunderstanding and a lack of understanding that had to be overcome at every step of the way. 

From tomorrow on, the Parent will go forth a step ahead of you

and give a return for every matter.

God the Parent is available to guide us and show us the way. There is a return for following that guidance in every matter as shown. That return is the joyous, free and unlimited experience no matter what the circumstance. While the other returns the experience of the causal limitations of the self-centered imagination in relation to the causal limitations of things.  The return of true satisfaction as opposed to the return of chance and fate.