Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XIV: 65 - 68

Today, you must explain My talks to others

in detail step by step. The time has at last come.

There are always two threads running through the path of single-hearted salvation. The first involves our individual awakening to the intimate truth of our self, the truth of our origin. That truth is of course totally natural and native to us and is the same truth for every one of us but to be led back to that one truth requires the help of someone who knows how and is willing to patiently navigate and guide us through the removal of the multitude of worldly common self-centered truths that stand  between us and the realization of the one truth of origin. 

 The second thread that runs through this model is the intention to hasten and train a great number of those guides to open new paths of single-hearted salvation, appropriate for time, place and level of maturity all over the world.  Sometimes referred to as shrines, sometimes as intermediaries, sometimes instruments and sometimes "timbers". Without  their consent and sincere minds new paths of single-hearted salvation cannot be opened. 

There is no knowing what those new paths will look like but it is certain that to be paths of single-hearted salvation they must have the same intention (joyous life for all), means (single-heartedness with God) and methods (the purification of the mind so that it is returned to its original condition) just as it is shown in the Model Life "Hinagata" and the Model Path that flows from it. 

There will be no understanding about anything

unless you tell them. Tell them everything, all in detail.

It is my impression that most if not all of the people who were drawn to the Residence to hear the teachings of the Parent were motivated by worldly common self-centered concerns to do so. It is only natural that such would be the case seeing as the foundation of all of our thinking is our self-centered imagination. If left that way however, we will not be able to understand anything at all about the truth of our origin.  

How then can we go about this? I assume that by understanding the Model of Parental Love, a model that we are already familiar with, we can discover what it is that we are to do. After all, a parent sees a developing mind in its innocence and struggles to keep it in touch with the truth of itself against the pressures of a world that makes its own demands upon it and could, perhaps unintentionally, perhaps not, depress its freedom. 

Perhaps you do not know what this talk is about.

Tell them all about the workings of the Parent.

By now we have been taught enough to know that this talk is about the human self-centered imagination, its origin, its unintended  bondage and suffering and the way to its intended free and unlimited working. 

We know that everything in this universe is without exception the Parent, the working of the Parent and what the Parent says and does. We know that because our Parent exists we exist as a self-centered bundle of ideas superimposed upon a body. Without the truth of our origin, we are the just the idea of a separate self. Without the truth of origin we experience the limitations of objects as the truth of our self and as a result find it difficult to find true satisfaction and  lasting joy in the world. 

We know that intention of Parent in creating the self-centered imagination was that it be an instrument of joyous living. When we know and understand the truth of our origin then we are then able to live freely and without limitations as the children of the one true Parent. Our self-centered imagination functioning as an intended instrument of our joy and no longer the sole definition of our identity. 

We know that the way to realize the truth of our origin is through single-heartedness with God our Parent and that single-heartedness is realized through the totally purified mind like clear water. 

Perhaps you do not know what My workings are.

I shall make all minds in the world be revealed.

Then again if we don't know these things we can take a moment and see the truth of them for ourselves. Perhaps this would be a good time for us to reveal the truth of our own mind.  Relax for just a minute and with your eyes open look at some object in the room. Now, say to yourself, "this is the voice of the self-centered imagination". See how the mind's voice is superimposed over the objective world. See how easy it is to identify and distinguish between things as they are and as we imagine them to be. 

You can, if you wish, further test the workings of the self-centered imagination by interacting with someone else. Pick an object and define it in an obvious objective way that you will both have no trouble agreeing upon. Now, superimpose your imagination over the object in a purely subjective way. Insist that it is a magic object, for instance. Unless the person that you are talking to is very credulous you should have effectively set up a situation where there is the truth as things are, the truth as you imagine it to be and the truth that the other person is imagining about you. One truth is original the other two are worldly common. 

Over time our minds become full of these subjective worldly common truths. That they are true for us is not disputed. That they are in the way of single-hearted salvation, freedom and joy is something for us to find out about and settle decisively. 

If we see the truth of this then perhaps we will want to gain expertise the way that we use our mind. Relying on the original and not the subjective as the foundation of our thinking. After all it makes a big difference if we are free to play with causality as opposed to being bound to it. 

Knowing better, I would like to do better. That it is necessary for me to work at it is ultimately a sincerity problem. Any help is always appreciated, thus the teaching and the Model of Parental Love are provided.