Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XIV: 69 - 72

To explain how they are to be revealed:

each of you will speak it by your own mouth.

It is important to note that the mind that is to be revealed is none other than our own mind. We are not being taught to judge other minds. So by my own words my mind is to be revealed. I honestly can't speak for any other mind anyway (though I do, putting words into other people's mouth's is a common worldly pastime) so I will see what these verses show me about revealing my own mind. 

In worldly common terms I ordinarily judge other people's minds by their words and actions. It is rare that I examine my own mind and as far as my own thoughts are concerned I generally move from one self-centered truth to another without much critical insight. When things go the way I want them to, I rather easily regard that as being the way things should be. When things don't go my way, it is common for me to find the cause of my dissatisfaction in the world rather than in myself.

 So, to begin with, the Parent is I assume, going to show me how to reveal my own mind to my self so that I can, so to speak, update it with a version of single-hearted salvation that is appropriate for me, in my time, place and at my particular level of spiritual maturity. Though it may seem self-centered of me to be assuming that the Creator is concerned with me and my little bundle of self-centered truths, none the less it is that level of detail that is shown by a Model of Parental Love. Indeed, the Parent of origin is concerned with that level of detail in each and ever one of the children. So yes, this is path of single-hearted salvation is intimately about me but of course it is intimately about everyone else too. 

Whatever kind of thing it may be, when you speak it 

by your own mouth, it may be impossible to deny.

So when I open my mouth and speak, revealing some but certainly not all of my thoughts, I can expect that some of those thoughts will have the desired effect and some will not. There is nothing new in that. For me to gain understanding from this verse then, it will be necessary for me to have some further guidance concerning the way in which the Parent will reveal my mind to me. 

Upon reflection it is clear that God the Parent, my true Parent, has provided me with some standards and techniques in these poems that I can use to understand what it is that is being revealed about my mind. 

First and foremost is the instruction that heads each of these pages. Each time that I speak or think I am instructed to do so with the knowledge and understanding that the whole universe is the body of God. When I think about that, it is obvious to me that I currently don't do that. So I now know that about my mind. In thinking it over I find that when I think and speak, it is with the knowledge and understanding that I am obviously a separate person with my own body, mind and my own personal agenda for what I think will make me happy. I would however like to understand and gain God's free and unlimited workings and so will still keep at trying to do so but there is also the possibility that I might decide against trying to awaken an understanding of the truth of origin in myself. What if I just close the Book and walk away?

From now on, even if each of you keeps silent,

the Parent will enter you and make you begin to speak out.

Well, I am free to take my chances and  turn my back on my Parent but doing so just turns up the heat and sooner or later I am going to be looking for a way out of my dissatisfaction with the evils that flow from trouble, illness, weakening and death. And in each of those circumstances I will be aware that total relief is waiting for me but to receive it I will  need to go home to the safety of the warm Parental embrace. Perhaps then it is prudent to return now  and keep in touch so that I am sure that I know the way rather than waiting until I am distracted with other concerns, like dissatisfaction and suffering to name just two.   

Hereafter, I shall truly begin to sweep clean

the heart of everyone of you, whoever you may be.

Ok, this is what I have found out about my mind so far. I have looked and when my imagination is absolutely quiet there is indeed a state of mind that deserves to be referred to by the words freedom and joy. Nice, I like that and would like to live there but it seems hard for me to remember to go there and very difficult for me to stay there. 

When I ponder the problem I find, in my own case, that my self-centered imagination keeps popping up and running variations on old themes. Though it seems like free thinking when it is observed it is more like being in a rut. Now, see if this sounds familiar. There are in general two worldly common ways of dealing with this tendency of the self-centered imagination to go its own way. One very popular approach is to just give in to it and go along for the ride. Another, even more popular approach is to try and remove or control all of the things that tempt and attract our self-centered imaginations. We can each judge for ourselves how effective they have been in bringing lasting joy into our lives and the world.  

The third approach, the non-worldly common approach that God the Parent teaches, is that the solution is to take care of  the root cause of the problem and correct the way in which we use and take care of our own mind. The self-centered imagination is indeed a powerful creative tool but to ensure that it also allows us to keep our freedom it needs to be serviced, it needs some work done on it. Specifically, it needs to be cleaned up and swept out so that our original freedom which is being depressed by the accumulated mental rubbish that we have collected can shine through into the world as the joyous life. 

What I need then is to find a way to do that sweeping in a way that is appropriate for my time, place and level of spiritual maturity. That is in a way that suits me. Fortunately the Model provides plenty of examples. Though they were made for a different time and place I find that they can be readily adapted for me in this time and place. Life is good and I am looking forward to settling at the origin. It gets easier with practice and though I am, I think, a hard case ( I'm not up to any great evil but I have been letting my self-centered imagination run pretty much unchecked for my entire life) I am encouraged as I have found that there are services that shift whole mountains of dust in a single sitting. I have also found that hard won virtue can be squandered away with a single word. Fortunately my Parent understands both me and the problem and is lovingly always on my side looking for ways to help me to come home. Even so, I now understand that if I do not sincerely cooperate with the Parental intention then that return will not be realized. Obviously the Parental love that is directed at me is also directed to all other human beings. Who has that point of view? What path flows from the Model of Parental Love? Certainly I would like to find out.