Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

 XIV: 73 76

How do you think this sweeping is to be done?

There is no knowing how I shall admonish you.

There is a confrontation going on in my mind. On the one hand I want to purify my mind, returning it to its origin and awakening the realization of a life of freedom and joy. On the other hand I want to continue to let my self-centered imagination run unchecked. One thing causally leading to another according to my self-centered desires and truths. 

In the course of servicing and attempting to allow God the Parent to repair my mind I have found that what is needed is some way to remind me to perform sincere quality sweeping of my self-centered imagination on a regular basis. Here in this verse, God the Parent is providing just such a device. Every time my self-centered thinking ends up being dissatisfied with an outcome I am reminded that that event is an admonition from my true Parent. 

Whatever happens, do not worry.

Everything that happens is an admonition by the Parent.

Viewed in that light, evils, things that I don't like happening to myself or those I love are instances where God my Parent is calling to me to return home to real safety and enjoyment of true satisfaction, freedom and joy. 

In my own case I currently use that admonition to remind me to ponder circumstances from the point of view that the entire universe is the body of God.  recalling that everything that is said and done is done by God. There are of course many other ways that have been shown but for now I am trying to work towards pondering that truth in as many matters as come to mind. My goal of course is to have that truth settle and be understood as the solid foundation for all of my thinking.  

No matter how I try to tell you the truth by words,

there is no understanding. Oh, the regret of the Parent...

In trying every way possible to get through to us God the Parent has found that just talking to us has not worked. This then is yet another approach. It is an object lesson. 

Therefore, the Parent will enter the body.

There is no knowing what I shall do.

There is an opportunity to compare our mind with God's mind here. It is possible that this verse sounds like a threat. But how would it sound within the context of the themes already presented. Wouldn't it go something like this:

Though there is only My body, you imagine otherwise and so I will speak to your self-centered imagination and say that I will enter the body. 

There is no knowing what I shall do but whatever that is it will not result in My doing evil to you, nor will it involve curses, demons or evil spirits but will instead be an expression of a perfect model of my Parental Love for all of you my beloved children. 

Remember, though everything is what God says or does, your freedom includes the ability to do things with your mind that will cause you to suffer and find no joy in life. I make both the good and the evil possible, it is up to you to heed my warning, sweep your mind, return to the origin, adhere to the good and  from that point of view live freely and without limitations. 

Or so it seems to me.