Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XIV: 77 -80

However trying your condition may be,

it is not an illness but the regret of the Parent.

An example of the kinds of things that may happen to me is the condition that I ordinarily call illness and that God calls "the regret of the Parent".

To me illness is an evil that happens to my body. I am being instructed that if and when it appears I should view it as both an admonition and the regret of the Parent. 

I do not direct this talk at a particular place.

You are all children of Mine, the Parent.

This verse is of the utmost importance. It makes it clear that God the Parent is not picking out a particular person to admonish through illness or any other evil circumstance. Instead it makes it clear that the admonition is directed at all human beings because equally, for all of us, the state of our world is one in which the truth of origin is unknown, not understood and rejected. 

When the regret of the true Parent comes out,

perhaps no one knows the way to settle it.

The regret of the Parent is the fact that the human self-centered imagination, imagining itself to be separate from the truth of its origin and imagining ownership of a thing which it cannot completely control is not able to find joy in the state of the world that it creates. 

Having had the truth of my mind revealed to me, the difficulty that I have encountered in settling my own self-centered imagination is a cause for my regret too and I would like to find a sure fire way to do it that suits both myself and other people. It is not something that we ordinarily think about.

But if you are truly sincere,

I shall teach you everything whatever.

This is where the study of this poems these poems comes in. These poems contain numerous examples of instructions on how to settle the self-centered imagination. Though just reading them is a nice start, sincerely paying attention and actually following them step by step is what is really called for.