Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XIV: 81 84

There is no knowing what I shall say,

but should you reject it, I shall withdraw at once.

There is a part of the teaching that remains constant and a part which is dynamic. That is to say that there is a part that changes according to the needs of the children and their time and place. As I have mentioned before the three elements that are the essence of the teaching, the intention of God that we live a joyous life, the means of realizing that joyous live through single-heartedness with God and the purification of the mind, settling the self-centered imagination as the method for realizing single-heartedness with God, always remain the same. For us there is no knowing what God will say because the method element, the purification of the mind, appears to change to accommodate all of the different self-centered imaginations in the world, in all times and place and all levels of spiritual maturity. 

When we deny or turn away from any one of these elements the knowledge and understanding of the truth of our origin is hidden from our view by that same self-centered act. In that circumstance, in that very instant, that rejection moves Gods protection out of our reach. 

Until now, I was stopped from whatever I did.

There was nothing but rejection.

Our relationship with God our Parent is such that we are free to obstruct, deny and reject God's efforts on our behalf and unfortunately we do just that. 

Today, whatever I may do or whatever I may say,

do not reject it.

This is an appeal from the Parent to the child. We children are being asked to try something that we have never done before and which we do not understand. It seems both hard to do and it for some of us scary. Besides there are other things that we would rather be doing. So our first response is to reject it out of hand without first making an effort to try it out. 

I earnestly request you to take this path.

The Parent assures you, so there is no need for worry.

Please place yourself in this Parent child relationship. This earnest appeal is as fresh today as when it was written. What is there to worry about? Who do I trust? Those on the high mountains or my Parent speaking to me from my innermost heart?