Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XV: 17 - 20

However high My regret is piled,

I shall work, holding fast to the utmost.

Whew, God the Parent is holding fast to me, that is God the Parent is holding fast to all of us equally. The condition of our self-centered imagination when we start on the path of return is not important.  It is assumed that many of them are in pretty bad shape, that is the reason for the call to return in the first place. Saint, sinner, low level jerk, God the Parent is always right there for each of us, working to ensure our return to the origin so that we can be repaired and set up for with a life of true satisfaction and joy. 

God the Parent will never turn away from us or turn us away but we have the unfortunate capability of being able to turn away from the Parent. 

Today, there is no knowing what I may say.

I shall reveal all the regret of the Parent.

The working of the self-centered imagination as the foundation of all human thought is the regret of the Parent. Almost every human who has ever lived has understood the self-centered imagination to be the sole and fundamental truth of self. It is understood as such and most of us never give it any other thought. Because it is getting us into trouble and stealing the joy from so many lives, God the Parent is going to reveal to us the inner workings of our own mind. We are going to be shown how to identify our self-centered imagination and also learn how it works in the world. 

Though until now no one has known

the truth of the human mind,

Almost all of our human experience deals with our marvelous ability to form relationships through our senses with the external world.  First imagining our self to be a body ( remember it is actually God's body that we have borrowed) and then with that first object as a base, imagining a wondrous variety of relationships with other objects. For most of us then we understand and believe that the joy of living is dependent upon how much those external relationships go the way that we self-centeredly imagine that they should.

There is however a deeper truth to the human mind. The self-centered imagination rises out of the deeper truth of origin and is dependent upon it for its existence. The state of the human mind becomes the state of the world as experienced by that mind. The truth of a human mind becomes the truth of the world for that mind.

The self-centered imagination is finding it difficult to find joy in the truth of itself as the foundation of all thoughts and by extension the truth of the world. For that reason God the Parent is calling all of the children (human self-centered imaginations) to return to the origin so that the foundation of human thinking can be replaced with the knowledge and understanding of the truth of origin.

Of course, by now we should all know that the self-centered imagination can easily be identified as the mind's voice and images. Make that identification now just to be sure that we are "on the same page."

So, we have identified the one part of the human mind, God's regret, the self-centered imagination. The next step is to identify its origin. 

Now today, whoever you may be,

I shall clearly reveal your true innermost heart.

The self-centered imagination (the current foundation of our thoughts) rises out of the truth of origin, our true innermost heart. We have easily identified, revealed, our self-centered imagination and so now it is time to identify or have revealed our true innermost heart. 

That too is a simple thing. Simply settle the self-centered imagination and what remains is the mind like clear water, the truth of origin our true innermost heart. Go ahead and reveal your innermost heart now.