Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XV: 21 - 24

If only it is revealed entirely,

the sweeping of the heart will be accomplished of itself.

Have you ever spent a fearful night in a dark and strange place. In such a circumstance our imagination can really give us a hard time. As soon as the sun comes up and the world seen in that light however those fears and phantoms of the night lose their power and are immediately swept away and dispelled. 

Metaphorically we are living in a world of shadows lit only by moonlight. When the innermost heart is revealed we awaken to a new world with the knowledge and understanding of Moonsun as the truth of self. 

From today on, whatever talks I shall begin

and whatever I shall say, please comply.

So, through this theme to this point in the poems we have been shown a clear exposition of the God the Parent's teaching. The problem has been identified and the solution revealed. Now it is just a matter of whether or not we intend to comply and return to the origin for the repair that will ensure the replacement of the foundation of our mind. The Parent of origin is asking for our cooperation. Each of us has to determine our own response to the request. 

There is no knowing what I shall say step by step.

I shall carry out My intentions on whatever things.

Though we don't know the details of what God the Parent will say, by now we have a pretty good idea of the framework of the model. We know for instance that whatever God the Parent does is done equally for all of the children. We know that we can understand God the Parent's intentions from the point of view of a model of Parental Love. We know that though the God the Parent has created and sustains a universe in which we can be hurt, that God the Parent will never intentionally hurt us or purposely cause evil to befall us.  

From forty-three years ago until now,

I have caused your leg torment. This is My worry.

God the Parent is the original cause and sustainer of all things. Everything is what God the Parent says and does. The whole universe is the body of God. Everything manifests perfectly according to causes rising out of the original cause.  One such perfectly manifested cause was lameness in the leg of Miki's son Shuji. 

Though made lame in the natural course of all causes perfectly manifesting in the universe, still God the Parent intended that Shuji and indeed all human beings equally, lead a free and unlimited joyous life. That is the point of view of God the Parent. Shuji, however, had his own point of view. That point of view was that the lameness of his leg was good enough reason for his mind to be depressed and likewise the state of his world. That Shuji could not find joy in the state of his mind was the worry of God the Parent and God the Parent intended to use Shuji first as a model of single-hearted salvation and then as an instrument of single-hearted salvation for other minds in the world.  All that was needed was Shuji's sincere cooperation. And of course that would also be true for all of us too.