Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XV: 25 - 28

This time, by all means,

I shall restore it just as it was before.

This is an interesting promise. There are two views of what is to be restored. The first and most obvious is that Shuji's leg is going to be restored. We know that God the Parent is already creating and exerting the maximum effort on our behalf so there isn't anything more that God can do for us than is already being done.  If Shuji's leg is to be restored then Shuji was going to have to exert his own creative power, using the power of the origin, freely given to him as a beloved child of the original Parent, to align the causes that would lead to his leg being healed.  

The second view of what is to be restored is that it also refers to restoring the mind to its original pristine condition of high spirited joy. In such of mind there is no such thing as illness only causes to be worked with and enjoyed freely and without limitations. 

In this talk, whatever Moonsun may say

concerning any matter, do not oppose it.

Straight forward stuff so far. The problem has been identified and the solution offered but here is the rub. Only Oyasama saw any of this clearly. Miki's family, the neighbors and the authorities did not understand who She had become or what God the Parent's intention for all human beings equally is. As a result there was doubt and opposition even within the Nakayama family. As new paths of single-hearted salvation open it is a  scenario that will eventually be played out more or less in every family in the world. 

From now on, the Parent will request just one matter of you.

I shall speak of nothing else.

We have heard the instructions of God the Parent and are hastened to quiet our imagination and reveal our innermost heart. This then is the focus, this is what the teaching is all about and nothing else. 

What do you think this request is?

It is solely about the Service.

The performance of the Service is the sincere work of quieting the self-centered imagination so that the innermost heart is revealed, known and understood. The completion of the service for an individual is the replacement of the foundation of the mind with a foundation that is one with the truth of origin. This is called single-hearted salvation. On a the scale of God our Parent's intention, all human beings will eventually awaken to the joyous world of universal single-hearted salvation. 

The Service was, is and shows the way to quickly quiet the self-centered imagination so that our original innermost heart can be revealed as the truth of origin and the new foundation of a joyous life. I say the Service was because those Services taught by Oyasama using Miki as a Shrine were specifically designed to be appropriate for that time and place. I say is because there are still many children of the Parent for whom those same Services are appropriate. I say shows the way because those Services are a model for those who would be "timbers" in God the Parent's effort to find services appropriate for the time place and level of spiritual maturity of all of the Parent's children equally.