Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XV:  29 -32

This Service is the beginning of this world.

If only this is realized...

We know by now that the self-centered imagination plays a very important role in the way we perceive the state and the truth of our world. The self-centered imagination can however be removed and still the world remains, perceived as it is and not as we imagine it to be. No one however, has ever viewed the world without the truth that flows form the innermost heart, and  we can go no deeper into our self. The view of the world form that depth, from the origin, gives us the high spirited power to experience the world as it flows purely from our innermost heart.  Therefore the innermost heart, the truth of origin is the beginning of our world. It can be said that the Service is the beginning of this world; first because the Service reveals the original source of our world, the innermost heart and second because the Service removes the debris that has collected on the innermost heart allowing the state of the world to be perceived newly and fresh as a ever newly created world of free and unlimited joyous life.   

Now today,  you close to Me, let your minds not be opposed

to the Parent's words on any matter.

Once again we can see the problem that is being raised here. Miki, now Oyasama no longer has a worldly common human mind. Indeed She hasn't had a human mind for forty-three years. In attempts to open a path of single-hearted salvation for those close to Her She was encountering opposition. Both from without and from within Her own household. At this stage she can only ask that the Nakayama family trust Her and follow Her instructions, exactly as they are given. 

If the minds of you close to Me are in error,

there will be no help. That is why I speak so repeatedly.

In worldly common terms it is reasonable to expect that those close to Oyasama would repeatedly ask for help with various self-centered concerns. Unfortunately, without first changing their mind, making it single-hearted with Oyasama's mind, no such help could be forthcoming and they were repeatedly instructed to that effect. 

Today, though there is yet no one in the world

who knows any and everything,

This refers to the fact that at that time no one as yet knew or understood either the truth of origin of any and everything or more specifically the way of opening a path to return to,  know and understand the truth of origin.  It does not refer to the accumulation of common encyclopedic knowledge or lore..