Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XV: 33 - 36

It is clearly seen in the eyes of the Parent.

Perhaps no one is yet aware of what it might be.

The way to return to the truth of origin is clearly seen by the Parent of origin though perhaps we find it difficult to perceive. Isn't that the truth. 

It is solely about things unknown

from the time I began this world until now.

We are sentimentally and emotionally attached to all sorts of worldly common truths that God the Parent refers to as mud, dust and debris. Though we might make a heroic self-centered effort to insinuate our stuff back into the teaching, this verse makes it clear that the teaching of our Parent of origin is totally  new  and fresh and isn't about any of our old stuff. I'm sure that went down hard with the neighbors, the authorities and just about everybody else. 

Stand up, place both of your hands at the center of your chest and vigorously sweep downward with both hands. We either sincerely cut with the old stuff or we don't. We are new people, children of the one true Parent dedicated to constructing a totally new world or we are not.  

I desire to teach them to you.

That is why I am doing all that I do step by step.

 If what God the Parent wants to teach us is something entirely unknown well might we ask why the teaching seems so culturally burdened and oriented. Well, in order to teach us God the Parent has to communicate with us. The working of our imaginations is such that we are unable to comprehend anything entirely new or unknown. To understand anything new we have to first relate it to something known. So step by step God the Parent and God the Parent's instruments fashion paths out of the familiar (things appropriate to time, place and maturity) that step by step lead us to be able to understand something that has hither to been totally unknown to us, the truth of our origin, the truth of self. 

After telling you any and everything about all matters,

the Parent will work.

We know what we have been instructed to ponder in all matters. With practice it becomes knowledge of the truth of all things. When that knowledge is naturally understood the unsettled foundation of the mind is replaced with the stable and unchanging foundation of single-heartedness with the Parent.  From that point of view the work of the Parent is the joyous play of the children in the universe. Thanks for that.