Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XV: 45 - 48

Now at last, I shall stop at nothing

in beginning to reveal the truth. Be aware of it, all of you.

Once again, we can get the flavor of this verse from the Model of Parental Love that it is an expression of. The Parent is determined and will stop at nothing in beginning to reveal the truth. This is important to ponder. The ways to the truth are not the truth revealed. They are a beginning, not an end. When God speaks of stopping at nothing, that nothing is to be understood within the context of a Model of Parental Love. Tireless determination of  behalf of the children, equal affinity, equal love, equal access, equal effort on behalf of all us all of the time. It is important that we be aware of this so that we can understand the dynamic of the path and the way in which it appears to change to accommodate our various needs. 

The path will change entirely from what it has been until now.

All of you, settle your minds.

Though the path (the method) has changed this verse shows us that the intention of the method for all of us to settle our mind has not. 

This path does not discriminate between those within and

the others. It is to sweep the heart of everyone in the world.

It is not possible to maintain the integrity of the Model of Parental Love without getting a handle on this verse. Those within needed care appropriate for their time place and level of spiritual maturity and that care was provided. Those others, everyone else in the world will have that same kind of care provided by God the Parent's instruments, "Timbers". Though the methods may change in order to meet the needs of all of God's children, in each case the intention to sweep the heart remains the same. 

From the time I began this world until today,

I have not yet told the real truth.

Perhaps all human beings up until this time had been born, lived their lives and died, relying only on the self-centered imagination as the foundation for their thinking. Living their entire lives without ever being aware of their true Parent, the true origin of all of their self-centered thoughts. That should not surprise us because we had not been taught the truth of origin. Instead we were taught the intensely authentic experience of the world as known through the  worldly common truths that are generated by our marvelous self-centered imaginations. Indeed were it not for the fact that we are not able to find joy in that view, God the Parent would not have had to teach us the truth of origin.