Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XV: 49 - 52

Today, I shall begin to tell you the real truth.

Please understand it clearly.

Though true for us, our self-centered worldly common truths are not the "real truth". That truth, the truth of origin can only be found by revealing our innermost heart. 

This talk is solely about the great test

from forty-three years ago.

The "great test" refers to God the Parent's tireless efforts to try and find ways to attract our self-centered imaginations back to their origin. Having replaced the foundation of  Miki Nakayama's mind with the mind of God, God then went to work to test various ways (services) in which to return the minds of all other human beings to the truth of their origin so that the could enjoy the joyous life that was intended for them in their creation. 

What do you think this test is about?

It is solely about the preparations to hasten the Service.

I think that the test that is spoken of is a test of the ways to calm, settle and purify the human mind. Once settled upon, God the Parent hastened the children to sincerely perform the service so that they could become single-hearted with the mind and intention of their true and original Parent. 

What do you think about this Service?

Prepare for the performers including the musical instruments.

Having been asked what I think about this Service I will venture to answer. My answer I think reflects two approaches to the same intention (joyous life) and means of realizing that intention (single-heartedness with God). One approach involves teaching and the other involves training. 

Over the course of the forth-three year period that God the Parent tested various ways to settle and purify the human mind. I believe that God the Parent found that in order to attract the self-centered imagination to a path that would settle the self-centered imagination it was necessary to approach, enter into and work with the self-centered imaginations in ways appropriate for the time, the place and the level of spiritual maturity.  

After having tested many methods of calming and purifying the mind, God the Parent settled on a methodology that maximizes the resources of those who would be instruments in opening paths of world wide single-hearted salvation. This to say that God the Parent started by teaching a model path of single-hearted salvation that is appropriate for a particular time, place and level of spiritual maturity. The intention is that those who were taught according to a model that was appropriate for them would gradually begin to awaken and would then be  able to be trained so that they could use the Model provided as a template for opening new paths of single-hearted salvation appropriate for time, place and level of maturity for other people all over the world. 

The Service or services that God the Parent created at this time are then working models. Working because they are effective in their own right and also models because they demonstrate the elements necessary to bring about single-heartedness with God for any human being who sincerely completes them. Further, anyone trained in  the intention and use of those elements would be able to reproduce working copies of them that would be essentially the same but styled for a particular time, place and level of maturity. Automobiles with the steering wheels on the left or right, sailboats with different types of rigging, bicycles, the list is of course pretty much endless but what they have in common is that they have the same function. They function as methods of transport though their forms and styles are different. The services are like that in that they have a single function, intention, and use (the purification and settling of the self-centered imagination) but vary in form and style. 

What then can one say about the preparations for the service. Well, there seems to be a deep intention in it that it calm the mind and open it to single-heartedness. Though its performance is intended to be sincere it also seems that it is intended to be high spirited, joyous even. Since God the Parent intends us no evil I assume that the performance of the service will never be the source of evil for anyone. In keeping with the Model of Parental Love the service is meant to be quickly accessible to everyone in the world equally. The service should also be attractive and able to engage and hold the imagination on many levels. Yet  it should be easy enough for a child and fun to learn.  None the less it is a type of work and requires sincere effort. At least that is the way the Model made for the village seemed to me to be. 

In short the Service contains the intention of the Parent, and the means of realizing that intention through single-heartedness with God. If the Model fits one's temperament sincere performance that Service quickly purifies and settles the mind. If performance of the Model Service does not fit one's temperament one can carefully follow the Model and create a service that does suit one's temperament. Or better still unselfishly create a service for someone else. If that seems unrealistically difficult to do then one can seek out one of God the Parent's "Timbers" who have been trained to help others in just such matters. 

I also think that the efficacy of the Service is enhanced rather than diminished by the knowledge of its purpose. We are reminded that God the Parent has made the Path and the elements of the Path totally transparent. Informing us of the intention behind each and every step of the way. 

 Regarding the dynamics and mechanisms of the Service, they are of course brilliant. As much as is possible all of the instruments that make up a human being are involved and brought back to their natural harmony. This aspect of the Model can also be understood and reproduced as appropriate by the "timbers" as they spread throughout the world. 

Recall that God the Parent is working tirelessly and will stop at nothing to help us realize single-hearted salvation and the joyous life.