Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XV: 57 - 60

Until now, the high mountains, boastful,

hove noisily done as they pleased.

In worldly common terms "the high mountains" refers to the local authorities. Since these poems never have a worldly common meaning intended, I assume that the "high mountains" is actually referring to those children of God the Parent who remain doubtful and defiant in the face of the reason of heaven. Choosing instead to continue to rely on their self-centered imaginations as their only guide.  

From now on, however high the mountains may be,

they will never be able to do as they please to the low valleys.

The "low valleys" then are those children of the Parent who heed the voice of their Parent and are sincerely trying to purify their minds. Diving to depths of the human mind to reveal its root and core, the truth of their innermost hearts. 

Since the low valleys quickly learn to distinguish between what is original and what is imaginary, those on the "high mountains" quickly lose their power over them. 

I see many useful timbers ahead,

appearing in the low valleys step by step.

As each new "timber"  is taught to awaken to the truth of origin and step by step trains in opening new paths of single-hearted salvation, their numbers will grow. Each one awakening another until all are awake. 

Step by step, the Parent, who began this world,

will enter all of these useful timbers.

Those who would be those "useful timbers" need only step by step calm their self-centered imaginations so that the Parent who began this world can be revealed. 

Once revealed to our awareness free and unlimited workings begin to flow from the origin into our new fresh and clean mind and from our mind into a new world of single-hearted salvation and joy.