Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XV: 5 - 8

You do not know what I shall say,

but whatever I may say, please comply.

There are two reasons that come to mind when pondering why we do not know what God the Parent will say. Neither of them are obvious. In the first case we cannot know what God will say because the teaching of God the Parent is totally unlike anything that we have known before. I think it is important to take note of this because one of the more or less automatic propensities of the self-centered imagination is to try and make God's instructions into something common and familiar. We innocently try and relate God's teaching to something that we already know. That is the way our imaginations work, they form relationships. Unfortunately the teaching of the one truth is not about any relationship at all  but rather is about the source of our ability to form relationships. The one unchanging, truth of origin. 

We also find it difficult to know what God will say because God is able to work and speak freely and without limitations. We tend to be loaded with self-centered truths, each of which imposes a limitation or limitations on us and because of those limitations we might even imagine that God too must also be bound by them. For example in Book XIV God changed names. God is free to do so but the self-centered imagination tends to be much less flexible and in our history has more than once shown a willingness to fight over such labels. This model shows God the Parent freely entering into our minds, teaching us in ways that are appropriate for the time, place and level of maturity of each of us. Who can know how that works but God and God's intermediaries or "Timbers"?

This time, whatever test I may put you through,

resolve your mind firmly by it.

Everything is God. The whole universe is the body of God and everything is what God says or does. Finding that condition to be "tasteless" or uninteresting, God set in motion instruments of causality that in the human form are able to experience wonderful diversity and change where in truth there is only the one. From God's point of view the perception of that diversity and change is pure joy. Unfortunately the marvel that is the human self-centered imagination can and often does experience that same diversity and constant change as anxious, fearful and depressing tests, trials or evils. This is an unintended result and in each case where such a result arises we are hastened to resolve our mind firmly to return to our origin so that we can replace our limited mind with the free and unlimited mind that knows and understands the truth of its origin. Having replaced our mind we can then return to the universe of diversity and change and joyously play as was intended in the creation of human beings. 

I do not indicate anyone in particular by this talk.

It is for each of you to resolve the mind.

The hastening for us to use our troubles as a reminder to resolve our mind and return it to its origin applies to all of God's children equally. It is significant that no one is singled out.

However trying your condition may be,

the Parent will work to the utmost. Take heart!

The Parent is tirelessly working on our side and if we are not receiving the results of that work it is because our mind is closed to the gift of heaven that is at hand. Certainly we can take heart from the fact that God is working to the utmost on our behalf. The question is whether or not we will allow God to make the necessary repairs to our mind. God will not force us, we have to sincerely want to make the replacement. It is a straight forward situation and unfortunately God the Parent cannot be fooled by any of our childish antics.