Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XV: 61 - 64

When the Parent, who began this world, enters them,

there is no knowing what I shall do.

 There is no knowing what the Parent will do because the same free and unlimited workings that created the Model Path out of nothing will be at work in the world. This time however the new paths will not have to be made from nothing, they can be based on the tested Model. There is no knowing what they will exactly be because they are dynamic and are assembled as is appropriate for the the time, place and level of maturity of those who would walk them. 

Whatever I do, do not worry.

Any and everything is assured by the Parent.

Even predefined change makes many of us anxious. Change without knowing what is coming next makes many of us both fearful and anxious. I often hear discussions of new paths of single-hearted salvation prefaced with the words "I'm afraid". I'm afraid too. I feel like I should be opening a new path but don't know what to do. These poems however are comforting not only because of the assurance of the Parent  in facing unknown changes but also because the Parent has provided a Model. Because that Model is being maintained, the "Timbers" do not in fact have to begin new paths of single-hearted salvation from nothing. The Model path is clearly laid out. It is only the preferred packaging that needs to be imagined new as appropriate for time, place and maturity. 

Quickly settle this matter firmly in your mind

and hasten to begin.

We are hastened to begin the purification of our mind, the settling of the self-centered imagination and the first steps toward a joyous life for all human beings. 

Until today, there has been no one

who has known what kind of  a path this is.

Of course, in the long journey of human beings we have imagined all kinds of paths and have embraced all kinds of truths. Ideas, ideas, we love ideas but the one thing we have never imagined is the way to  reveal the root and core of our own mind, the truth of our origin our innermost heart.