Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XV: 65 - 68

Now at last, I shall fully reveal the mind's core step by step.

Take notice!

So here it is, the truth of the Service in a single verse. God the Parent intends to reveal the mind's core in a step by step fashion. We know that in order to do this for every mind in the world, God intends to teach and train "Timbers" or people who would be instrumental in opening new paths of single-hearted salvation.  That this is the intention of our Parent of origin and by extension the intention of God's "Timbers" is not a secret. In fact we are specifically asked to take notice of it. 

Those who are acceptable in the eyes of the Parent

will grow only more spirited step by step and day by day.

As each day passes, our work, our service, delivers results that conform to the degree of our sincere effort to allow God to reveal the core of our mind. The mind that is acceptable becomes more spirited step by step and day by day.  

Those who are regrettable in the eyes of the Parent

may be gone in a moment as in a dream.

The mind that turns away from the Parent through doubt, misunderstanding or lack of sincerity reaps the results that flow from continuing to wander about in a self-centered dream. 

By this talk, I do not indicate any particular place.

All people in the world are My own children.

God's intention is the same for all human beings. All human minds currently have the same problem. They function with the self-centered imagination as their foundation. That foundation is not stable or reliable and though it attempts to stay oriented toward happiness and satisfaction, it quite often leads us into disappointment, fear, anxiety and suffering. 

The effort to see all human beings as equal children of the same Parent of origin  and to understand the Divine Model of Parental Love is itself a service to the truth and its perfection or completion is immediately rewarded as the completion of the joyous service for an individual mind.