Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

 XV: 73 - 76

Though until this time I have continued

to keep still on whatever matters, 

This "keeping still" is interesting. We know that it doesn't mean that God the Parent had not been teaching because it was coupled with a verse that says otherwise earlier in the theme. We know that it doesn't refer to the details of all of our self-centered workings because God the Parent takes responsibility for having created the self-centered imagination in the first place. God's regret over our self-centered imaginations flows from the fact that we have been unable to find true and lasting  joy in them. The content of them God leaves up to us. That leaves our tardiness in responding to God the Parent's efforts to reveal the truth of origin to us even though we continually ask for God's help in overcoming our suffering and dissatisfaction with the state of our world. Up until this point God had been keeping still about our stubborn refusal to follow God's instructions while insisting on receiving God's help on our own terms. 

Now today, by all means,

you must quickly do the Service.

Two important feature appear in this verse. We are told to quickly begin the Service and we are told to do so "by all means". By all means shows that God the Parent is willing to go along with us and will accept any sincere service as long as it proves effective in revealing the core of the mind. 

Though until now I have made requests of you

in various matters step by step,

For forty-three years God the Parent had tirelessly tried to open the minds of those close by to the reason of heaven and have them begin the service. Now after forty-three years of testing, God the Parent presents them with a perfect model of the Service, each element carefully and step by step crafted to be suitable to their minds and they, the family and the villagers are afraid to perform it. 

Whatever I request, no one understands.

Oh, the regret of the Parent...

Nobody, not the family, nor the villagers nor the authorities understood the intention of the Parent or the importance of the completion of the Service to the salvation of all human minds equally. The regret of the Parent is that the beloved child that is the self-centered imagination was and is created with a very difficult blind spot as concerns the truth of its origin.  It is a result of the free and unlimited workings of God the Parent that the self-centered imagination is created in that way. That the self-centered imagination finds it so difficult to know and understand its own origin, the truth of itself and the freedom and joy that flows naturally from that origin is regrettable indeed.