Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XV: 77 - 80

Please clearly understand this talk

about My regret and appeals at this time.

God the Parent creates and sustains the human self-centered imagination. Causally, the self-centered imagination works perfectly. The up side of that is that the universe is perfectly ordered with one cause leading to another just as they should. The downside of that is that the creative power of the self-centered imagination is free to set in motion causes that lead to suffering and the absence of joy in a human life. The regret of the Parent then, flows from the fact that the creative wonder that is the self-centered imagination is not delivering the joy that is intended in its creation. It is causally working perfectly but isn't delivering the joy that was intended in its creation. To correct this problem the self-centered imagination needs to be returned to its origin and repaired and replaced. 

To remedy that situation God our true and original Parent is hastening all self-centered imaginations (God the Parent's beloved children) to return to their origin to be repaired and replaced with self-centered imaginations that know and understand the truth of their origin. It is however, yet a further regret of the Parent that the self-centered imagination finds it difficult to understand both the intentions and the instructions for returning to their origin. God our Parent takes responsibility for our difficulty in understanding. After all, God created the self-centered imagination and never taught it anything about its true origin. Seeing the results of that condition God the Parent regrets not teaching us the truth of ourselves. 

To remedy that situation God has Parent is working to open a path of single-hearted salvation so that all of the self-centered imaginations (God's beloved children) of the world can return to their origin and be repaired and replaced. To realize the opening of such a marvelous path, God the intends to use instruments. The prime instrument being Miki Nakayama whose human mind was replaced by the mind of God. Borrowing Miki Nakayama's mouth and teaching  us all the truth of origin in ways that accommodate our natural propensity to misunderstand that truth. That is exerting the care of parental love to be sure that each and every mind is taught the truth of origin in a way that is appropriate for the time the place an the level of spiritual maturity of the child. To accomplish this task God the Parent intends to teach and train a great number of "Timbers", instruments of single-hearted salvation, to help each and every self-centered imagination in the world to return to its origin. Unfortunately even a path crafted to be appropriate in those ways must still be a path that reveals the core of the mind and returns the self-centered imagination to its origin. Even in the face of such parental care God the Parent is still encountering resistance to the path of single-hearted salvation and this is of course a cause of further regret. 

To remedy that situation God the Parent has actively confronted and engaged the minds of those who would doubt and hinder the path while appealing to and pleading with those who would like to cooperate but do not understand. Alternating as a Parent would between scolding and appealing we are asked, for our own good, to carefully pay attention and follow the instructions of the Parent and to stop interfering with and hindering the Parent's efforts to reveal the core of the mind for those children who are ready to begin the step by step path of return. 

Today, whatever the Parent may say

concerning any matter, do not oppose it.

Opposition from without and opposition from within, nobody understood and more importantly no one was following the instructions that would allow the core of their mind to be revealed. On the one hand they were simply and often sincerely busy doing something else. While on the other they imagined that it was important for them to be sincerely engaged in explaining away or even suppressing God the Parent's teaching. 

Until now, whatever talks I gave and whatever I said

were but a fragrance.

After forty-three years of preparation this hastens a fresh start and introduces a new and powerful tool to be used in  revealing the core of the mind. 

But My talks today are in the fullness of time.

Everything I say will be seen at once.

This is more than just positive encouragement. When performed correctly the Service shows and is the way to immediately reveal the core of the mind.  Try it for yourself and see. Identify your self-centered imagination and be aware of where it rises up from, its origin. If your self-centered imagination will not settle (if it tumbles off in pursuit of some self-centered thought) then adjust the sincerity of your performance of the service. Just remember, it is about revealing the core of the mind and not something else. The only thing that is required is your complete attention turned inward.  God the Parent is always present and will quickly embrace the sincere performance of the Service. 

Several years ago I attended a talk given by my Bishop. I don't speak Japanese and on this particular occasion  just happened to have the benefit of someone who could translate for me standing close by. In speaking of the "Seated Service", (hand dancing, perhaps originally taught to people standing up but modified to meet the expectations of time, place and maturity) he said that while performing the first set of repetitions the performer is aware of the external world. If done correctly, while performing the second piece the performer is aware of their own mind. Finally when performing the third set of repetitions that mind settles and the performer becomes single-hearted with God. The hand gestures trace this process out on the body of the performer. The point is that single-heartedness with God is more or less immediately available to the sincere mind of the child. We should, I think, take comfort and be encouraged by that.