Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XV: 81 - 84

This talk is that, now, I shall clear away

the regret piling in My heart for forty-three years.

 This specifically refers to the slowness of the children to respond to the care and teaching of God the Parent. After forty-three years of tireless effort the Children still did not understand the intention of the Parent and though they were busy will all sorts of things were not making a sincere effort to reveal the core of their minds nor were they learning how to help others with that work. 

Unaware of this, those of you within

are thinking of everything as being worldly common.

The problem was and is the same problem of attaching worldly common meanings to the absolutely unworldly common teaching of our Parent of origin. 

This path has truly been a path of hardship

for forty-three years.

As mentioned, the human self-centered imagination is not working correctly. Add to that the fact that the Path of single-hearted salvation was also not working correctly, having been distorted with worldly common understanding and the result one gets is a path of hardship instead of a path of joy. 

Though no one has known of it until now,

this time I shall clear it all away.

If the children respond to the appeals and correctly perform the Service, revealing the core of the mind and returning the self-centered imagination to its origin, then the regret of the Parent will be cleared away. 

Take a moment and with your eyes open, be aware of the fact that the whole universe is the body of God. Include the body you call your own in that. Now be aware of your self-centered imagination as the shining reflection within the body of our Parent.  How fortunate we are.