Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XV: 85 - 90

To explain how it will be cleared away:

I shall reveal everything solely by the Service.

 It seems clear that the performance of the Service was the way to clear away the regret of the Parent and reveal the core of the mind. This was certainly true then as Oyasama taught the Service to those close at hand and it remains true now, the only difference being that now the Service is taught by God the Parent through the "Timbers" or instruments. The intention in teaching the Service remains the same, the goal of single-heartedness through the sincere performance of the Service remains same. Its use in revealing the core of the mind remains the same. The only thing that appears to change is the way in which the minds of the children are attracted to the Service. That is in ways appropriate for the their time, place and maturity as indicated by the Model of Parental Love and the Parent's love for all of the children equally. 

As to this Service, whatever the Parent may say

about any matter, do not oppose it.

Things were difficult. God the Parent was not just combating doubt and indifference from those who were being taught but also active opposition. As any Parent would, God the Parent appealed to those close by to just do the Service because I your Parent am asking you to.  God the Parent was and I believe remains confident that when the Service is performed correctly as directed, that the children would quickly reveal the core of their minds and be able to distinguish between the original core of the mind and the self-centered imagination that rises out of it. They would then be able to live freely and figure the rest out for themselves. 

I request you earnestly, especially in this matter,

so you will not be remorseful later.

This same request holds true for all of the children until such time as we have all revealed the core of our minds and returned to the origin, single-hearted salvation and the joyous life. Might we regret not responding to the this heartfelt request of our true Parent. I suppose that depends upon how we view the current state of our minds and the state of the world that flows from that truth. 

If anyone dares to stop this Service,

I shall withdraw even from the proxy at once.

Turning our back on God the Parent, opposing the performance of the Service (work or effort) that quickly purifies the mind, revealing its core and the truth of origin has negative ramifications that go beyond a single individual. 

To be sure that I don't fall into that let me say that I encourage everyone to sincerely perform the Service and in so doing quickly remove the regret of the Parent and reveal the core of their mind, the truth of any and everything and the truth of self. 

Now that we know that our task is to reveal the core of our mind we know that our service to the truth must be directed within our own mind. Our true Parent is calling to each and every one of us to return. The intention of the Parent is the realization of a joyous life for all. That joy will come to us through single-heartedness with the our true Parent, the truth of origin. The service (sincere work) of turning our attention inward and returning our mind to its original pristine condition is externally aided by actions that are crafted by God the Parent's instruments ("timbers") to be appropriate to the task for each of us depending upon our time, place and level of maturity. 

You close to Me, what are you thinking about this talk?

I cannot wait even for a breath.

If you feel that you would like to be one of those timbers then lean on the mind of the Parent and begin the Service and remove the regret of the Parent. God the Parent is in a hurry to begin yet the self-centered imagination has all sorts of excuses for delay. Don't beat yourself up over it but don't believe the excuses either. Thoughts that slow, distort or hinder the path are just the regrettable problem that flows from using the self-centered imagination as the foundation of all of our thoughts. Even thoughts about the performance of the service. Just ignore them and perform the service. Reveal the core of your mind and find out the truth for yourself. 

Quickly begin to bring out the musical instruments at least.

I am hastening solely for the Service. 

God is in a hurry and is hastening the start of the Service. God the Parent taught the Service then as a direct and clear Model of Parental Love. By understanding the intention of the Service and the model of Parental Love the "timbers" are now able to take on the responsibility for teaching the service to everyone in the world. Nothing else is asked of us but to do this one thing.  Even a small step is encouraged, which is what the appeal to "bring out the musical instruments at least" is an indication of.