Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

 XV: 9 -12

From now on, please be firmly convinced

of the words of the Parent. There is no need to worry.

It is easy enough for me to say that I am convinced of the words of the Parent but when I actually think about what the words of the Parent are then I am not so sure and feel like my sincerity is lacking. For instance: God the Parent says that in all matters I should ponder the truth that this universe is the body of God. I don't do that but would like to. God the Parent has also instructed me to replace my mind. I haven't done that either but would like to. I have been told to sweep my mind and settle it, making it like clear water. I do that sometimes but often almost immediately mix mud right back in with it. 

The good news here is that I don't have to worry about following the hastening and guidance of God the Parent. God the Parent is always on my side and will do me no harm. Also, though I haven't perfected the work of settling my self-centered imagination, I find that the more attention I pay to following God the Parent's instructions the better my experience of life is. If I have anything to worry about it is what I may encounter when I don't pay attention to God's guidance and wander around in the darkness of my self-centered imagination.  

From tomorrow, the Parent will begin the workings.

Perhaps there will be no one able to defy Me.

We can of course continue to doubt and defy the Parent but the stakes keep getting higher and higher and our original Parent is becoming more pointed  in exposing the workings of our minds. It is certainly more fun to actively and purposely discover the self-centered imagination than to have it exposed in its folly and delusion.   

Forty-three years ago, the Parent became revealed

and has been teaching even until now.

This refers to Miki Nakayama's awakening forty-three years before and to the fact that she had been teaching the truth of origin from that time until the present. 

Yet until today, despite My many regrets,

I have been keeping still.

Notice here, that in light of the verse above, "keeping still" does not mean that God the Parent had not been teaching. Though God the Parent had been teaching for forty-three years, that teaching had been met with doubt, misunderstanding and derision, which according to this verse God the Parent had up until the time that this was written pretty much kept still about.