Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XVI: 25 - 28 

But no matter how well you prepare, 

no one knows what the future might be. 

I doubt that anyone would argue with this. Our ordinary self-centered experience of the world is that there are ups and downs in store for us. The exceptional thing about single-hearted salvation is that it promises and delivers true satisfaction regardless of whatever circumstance we might find our self in. That is a substantial difference in the way in which we experience the world. 

Whatever intention Moonsun may have,

there is no one who knows the course of its path.

Then, as always, there is the God's concern for the future of the path of single-hearted salvation. It is instructive that in the same theme that Moonsun provides a very localized approach to  single-hearted salvation the verses alternate between the needs of minds in a particular time and place and at a particular level of spiritual maturity and the the needs of the path of universal salvation for all human minds equally. Holding only the local view, which is an OK thing to do, one cannot see the course of the larger path of universal single-hearted salvation. 

There is no knowing what you may see in a dream.

Hereafter, things will change and your mind will be spirited.

We, or at least I, tend to walk around in a self-centered dream. God our Parent has entered into those dreams and is working changes that indicate the way to single-hearted salvation. 

You may dream of marvelous things.

Take it as a sign and begin the Service.

Whatever marvelous dreams we might have are alright with God our Parent as long as we begin the Service, that is begin the purification of our mind. This is extremely good news for folks who may think that their past and indeed present thoughts or actions have put them beyond help. God the Parent accepts the sincere performance of the service from all comers, regardless of what they may be dreaming.