Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XVI: 49 - 52

However earnestly I appeal to you, no one understands.

Oh, the regret of the Parent...

The regret of the Parent is the accumulated causality ( "dust") of all of the human self-centered imaginations in the world. We might do well to ponder how it was possible that even after more than forty years of tireless effort, teaching and appeals, God our Parent was unable to say that even a single person understood what was being taught. 

Even until now, I made great efforts to persuade you.

This time, indeed, you must ponder.

We know that there were sincere people who listened to God's teaching and who wanted to understand what God was teaching. We might do well to ask what went wrong that no one was able to do so? This verse provides us with the information that a crucial element of the path was missing from the efforts of those followers who wanted to understand but who were unable to do so. To understand God's instructions we have to take the time to ponder deeply and go deeper into our own mind beneath our worldly common ideas to where the hitherto totally unknown core truth of our mind is revealed, known and understood.  

What are your thinking on hearing this talk?

It is the result of matters accumulated and piled up.

For so many people to have difficulty in understanding the source of the misunderstanding must be deep and fundamental. Say an accumulation of misunderstandings over a long period of time. So long a time that the misunderstandings are mistaken for absolute truth. Indeed the question is asked and now we must ponder and determine how our mind differs from the minds of those who came before us but who were unable to understand God's instructions. Certainly the way that is indicated is to clear away the accumulation of misunderstanding so the truth can be clearly revealed and understood. It seems clear that nothing need be added the path is one of removal only.

It appears as though those who heard God our Parent teach, continually tried to find understanding by attaching the teaching to familiar ideas and misunderstood the instructions that were meant to settle those ideas out. 

So briefly there are three major challenges involved in understanding the teaching. The first is not to get it mixed up with our worldly common ideas, the second is learn how to engage in pondering and deep self-reflection. And the third is to learn how to settle the self-centered imagination so that we can see things as they really are as opposed to how we imagine them to be.

Know that the regret and anger of God on this day 

are not small matters.

Once again, it is the accumulation of all human self-centered imaginings that is the regret of God, while the anger of God is concerned with our misguided efforts to interfere with and stop the progress of the path of single-hearted salvation. Just to be sure that we are on the right side of this I suggest that this would be a good time to ponder the truth that the whole universe is the body of God. By now we should be aware that that truth is hidden from us by the workings of  the self-centered imagination as it imagines otherwise. Please take a moment, follow the reasoning of it and see how that works. If we take the time to ponder and know it, Moonsun will come out to celebrate the effort with the gift that is given to the mind like clear water.