Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XVI: 13 - 16

After looking through the muddy waters,

these personages drew a fish and a serpent to them.

When I said that this theme was difficult for me to comment on it is not because it is so difficult to understand but because there are so many ways in which it is intended to be effective.  How to explain this? When we look at the Divine Model we see that prior to awakening as a Shrine of Moonsun, Miki Nakayama's self-centered imagination shared in the reality of  many of the same worldly common truths as her family and neighbors. In fact Miki is portrayed as something of a model citizen in this regard. After awakening as a Shrine of Moonsun however, Miki was seen as being very much out of step with those same worldly common truths. 

The poems collected as The Tip of The Writing Brush  function as an invitation to all to share in the point of view of the mind of God which has completely replaced Miki's mind and which now teaches the way of single-hearted salvation through the reason of heaven (the truth that there is only one). God our Parent then attempts to teach us directly from a point of view that leaves behind the worldly common and goes straight to the heart of the matter by consciously digging up the truth that any and everything of this universe is a single body. That it appears otherwise being just the function of the self-centered imagination.  

One of the ideas that our self-centered imagination entertains is the notion that there is something dangerous about returning to our origin. One of the functions of the Model of Parental love is to convince us that we are beloved children of our parent of origin and that God our Parent would never do anything to hurt us. On the contrary God's intention is to provide us with a life of joy in all circumstances. 

Still other self-centered imaginations find that it is apparently impossible to break out of a world view constructed of worldly common self-centered truths. To counter this problem God promises to enter into our imaginations, using them to show us a way appropriate for each of us to return to our origin. 

So here we are, God has entered into the imaginations of the villagers and is working on finding a way to settle their self-centered imaginations so that the core of their minds can be revealed as the truth of origin. Since no two human minds (self-centered imaginations) are exactly the same the essential ingredient for the completion of this task is the true sincerity of the person who wishes to be saved. 

This time, My regret is at the heart's core.

Is there not a means to clear it away?

God's regret is the lack of joy being delivered by the human self-centered imagination and the difficulty that God is experiencing in calling us back to our origin. Even more so because though returning to our origin is for our own good we refuse to return and yet keep complaining and begging God for help.  

Of this matter, God will firmly take charge.

Know that I shall give every kind of return.

We have already looked at this matter of returns and the three interpretations that access it. Anyone of them sincerely completed will suffice. 

When this return is seen, the heart of everyone in the world

will be swept clean of its own accord.

Sincerely knowing and understanding the workings of causality in relation to our self, regardless of how we approach the subject, will settle the self-centered imagination.  It is because of this truth that God our Parent can teach us in ways that are appropriate for the mind of each of us. When correctly applied, true sincerity will yield the same result. Regardless of the starting point or the kind of mind that makes the initial determination to return. 

Because of this, minds in one time or place can be awakened each according to their needs and capabilities, with the expectation that the resultant awakened instruments ("timbers") will be willing and able to do the same for other minds, each according to their needs and capabilities. Or put another way, what was done for them (awakening them in a way that suited them) they can and will do for others. 

Indeed the complexity of the model is increased as just the effort necessary for making one's mind open to saving others in this way is itself also a sure method of purifying the mind in its own right. God the Parent is working all of the angles on our behalf.  God our parent will accept any mind that is properly aligned with the causality of origin. To help us to reach that causality of origin God our parent is willing to go enter into our self-centered imaginations and by utilizing things which do not yet exist or which have never existed, make them clear.