Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XVI: 17 - 20

Though until now I have been keeping still,

overlooking every kind of thing,

 This is a continuation of the theme that addresses opposition to God's efforts to bring single-hearted salvation to all human beings. Roughly we are shown examples of the kind of opposition God encounters in an ever expanding circle from the truth of origin. We see opposition from within the immediate family, opposition from within the neighborhood, opposition from the authorities and the anticipated opposition as the path moves out into the world. 

Though this problem is presented to us in a form that we can relate to, that is as an argument or a complaint, lest we become too comfortable with that rather common situation it is perhaps well to remember that one side of the complaint  is actually the truth and power of the universe speaking to itself and trying very hard to correct an unintended result ( a lack of joy) that is flowing from the marvelous creation that is the human self-centered imagination. 

The one truth, God, Moonsun, God our Parent is the truth of free and unlimited workings and as such cannot be defined or limited to any definition. We find it hard to grasp free and unlimited workings because our self-centered imagination (the idea of being other than the one original truth) is free but limited to an object, a body. That limitation is supposed to yield joy. By creating the self-centered imagination the One is able to authentically appear as many, savoring all of the experiences that flow from apparent relationships and changes. Concepts that do not exist in the original rather tasteless state of being only one. The effect was supposed to be a hoot and a real good time. High spirited joy (the mind of a three year old child) seamlessly identifies with a body and through that body, experiencing all sorts of interesting relationships. Unfortunately it is possible and indeed likely that the self-centered imagination can gradually become bogged down in those limitations until, for many, there is no joy left in the experience. 

To return to the intended joy, the One, God our Parent is trying to make repairs to the human mind and has determined that in order to bring the joy back into the self-centered imagination it is necessary for it to turn itself off just long enough for the truth of its origin to be known and understood. If the self-centered imagination is Moon light then the truth of its origin is Sun light. The task then is to awaken all of the self-centered imaginations of the world to our full identity as Moonsun.  This repair is to take place entirely within what is called the human mind. 

There is however a big problem with this repair and replacement task. The self-centered imagination has some of the characteristics of its parent of origin.; specifically it is free. It is not however, unlimited. Since the self-centered imagination is free, God our Parent has no way of getting us back to our origin to be repaired other than by convincing us to return. 

There are problems with that. First we find it hard to understand God's intention because our entire world view is based on our familiar limitations. Because of that we tend to turn God our Parent's teaching into something worldly common, something that we are more comfortable with, something limited and un-free. Yet, when things go wrong we pray to God for help and so it goes. We continue to knock ourselves out trying to realize self-centered salvation when in fact there is no such thing. In the past we have referred to this state of mind as a misunderstanding of God's intention. 

Then there are those who feel that the teaching isn't  even worth looking at. In the past we have referred to that attitude as exhibiting a lack of understanding of God's intention. 

Still, we are free to pursue yet another set of doubts and rejections that can occur amongst both those who misunderstand and those who have a lack of understanding and it is this category that is addressed so forcefully in this Book. I am speaking of those self-centered imaginations that are moved beyond doubt or rejection and instead feel it necessary to stop or obstruct God our Parent's efforts to repair our self-centered imaginations.  Acting not just for their own self but for others as well. 

I mentioned that he human self-centered imagination is like its Parent of origin -  free. Here is the rub, since it is bound to a body in the first case it is also free to get stuck and become bound to all kinds of objects and causes. It is free to become enslaved. Some self-centered imaginations become aware of their bondage and want out while others want to maintain the status quo and maintain their own bondage as well as making sure that everybody else stays stuck too. Quite often this confrontation leads to violence. Hence the tone of this poem as it addresses this concern. 

God the parent is trying to work a profound change in the human condition. The more stuck the self-centered imagination is the more abhorrent change is. That resistance expresses itself as violence and oppression on the one hand and to cooption and the safe projection of change so far into the future that it is a meaningless promise on the other. 

Now, as the day is pressing,

I shall give a return for all things at once.

We should make no mistake, the time to make the repairs is now. The longer we wait the more we reap the fruits of our bondage. If that return is joy then there is no need to change. If that return lacks joy then each of us is free to return to our origin to repair that condition. 

If anyone comes here with a mind to stop Me,

there is no knowing where Moonsun will at once appear.

It is difficult enough for those who wish to hear the truth of origin to understand without the added interference of those who are afraid of freedom and change. Their actions bear fruit in actions often of the same nature as the ones that they set in motion.   

You may not know what My appearance means.

Moonsun will appear to take him away. Beware. 

Just to be on the safe side it is probably not a good idea to be obstructionist in this matter.