Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.


We have now pondered fifteen complete approaches for opening, maintaining and completing a path of single-hearted salvation. And by now I would hope that we would have pondered the truth that "this universe is the body of God" in all matters and now have a clear understanding of God's intention for us all, the way to realize that intention and the step by step instructions for completing the Path of single-hearted salvation for each and every human being in ways appropriate for their time, place and level of spiritual maturity. 

That each of us is invited to reveal the core of our mind so that we can replace its foundation. Replacing the self-centered imagination with the original, pristine mind of the Parent of origin is a straight forward proposition that can be tested by any human being.  Unfortunately that proposition  runs counter to the worldly common way that our self-centered imagination places a value on things and  understands things to be true or not true. The proposition is, what these days would be called, counter intuitive. That means that to understand it, we have to make a special sincere effort and work at it. Otherwise if we approach it in an ordinary worldly common way we will  be automatically turned away from understanding it and the proposition will be understood in a worldly common way.  That is, as a collection of self-centered ideas as opposed to the fundamental truth that is known and understood through the totally sincere "mind like clear water". 

The bulk of these poems then deal with overcoming the misunderstandings and lack of understanding of this proposition that automatically flow from our self-centered imaginations. In this regard the poems show a model of tireless effort and parental love, as God our parent of origin attempts to attract and open the minds of members of the Nakayama family, their neighbors and the local authorities to the "reason of heaven". This model shows God our parent entering into their minds and corresponding with the details and expectations of their self-centered imaginations in ways appropriate for the time, place and level of spiritual maturity. Tirelessly working  to open their minds to the reason of heaven and the step by step completion of the work or service necessary to complete the replacement of the foundation of the mind. Extending salvation to all human beings as the way to realize the joyous life that naturally flows from single-heartedness with the mind of the Parent of origin. 

By this time the Model Path has been tested and is fully developed in intention, means and method. All that needs to be added is the sincere completion of the Service by the "timbers" who will then employ the Model to spread the truth of origin to all human beings. There are however problems still to be overcome. The Path is of no use unless it is sincerely followed in the correct order and manner.  At the time that these poems were written misunderstanding and even opposition remained.

  XVI: 1- 4

Until now, perhaps no one has known about the origin of

human beings at the beginning of this world.  

Now that we have some experience with going beyond the worldly common meanings of these poems we can be certain that though we are going to learn about the origin of human beings at the beginning of this world, we are not going to learn anything about those topics in a worldly common way.  

At this time, by all means, I wish to teach everything

about this origin clearly to the world.

For instance, teaching us all everything about this origin is equivalent to revealing the core or our mind. Which is of course using one metaphor to point to another, however it does add to our knowledge of the way the path has been laid down as it shows us that the origin of human beings and the world that God the Parent wants to teach us is to be found at the core of our own mind. That is really helpful information as it would be easy for us in a worldly common sense to go off and look for it somewhere else. 

The origin is represented by the two members of the Kagura.

Truly, this Service is the beginning of this world. 

Since these are poems it is not surprising that they are rich in metaphors. By using a variety of metaphors that indicate a single truth God the Parent is adding aids to attract the self-centered imagination as well as modeling the methodology of the Path. To reach the minds of just one family and just one village there are seventeen books, a verbal tradition and more than one path of action employed. It is truly a remarkable path. 

The Kagura Service is a metaphor for the beginning of this world. The truth of which is known and understood when the core of the mind is revealed. Or put another way, when through the sincere completion of the service the self-centered imagination is settled or removed, what remains is the truth of origin, the truth of the beginning of this world and human beings. 

What is called the Kagura at this time

is the Parent who began human beings.

The Kagura is the Parent and the Parent is the Kanrodai and the one truth of the beginning of this world and human beings is to be found by revealing the core of the minds of all human beings equally. And in so doing let the natural joy that is the nature of the truth of origin flow freely in the world as the experience of a joyous life. 

That such an array of teaching tools was employed in a single village and in a particular time and place demonstrates what a remarkable path this is. From a worldly common perspective such a path perhaps looks like an impossibility, with too many variables to be workable. From the point of view of the origin however there is only the one truth to be held onto while all of the other worldly common concerns are manageable because they have the same weight or value. They either lead to the purification of the mind and its return to the origin or they don't. Regardless of time place and level of spiritual maturity those two conditions are not too difficult to manage at all. Because God's "Timbers" maintain the model path as a reference of that process, others of God's "Timbers" are able to open new paths of single-hearted salvation while remaining firmly anchored to the one truth of origin as was known and understood when the core of their mind was revealed. 

This path then is totally about the condition of the human mind. It is either single-hearted, having returned to, known and understood its origin. Or it is worldly common remaining shallow with respect to the truth of origin while continuing to relate all experiences and thoughts to the self-centered imagination only. Or as is hastened by these poems, it is involved in the process of the sincere completion of the service that will reveal its core, the truth of origin and the free and unlimited  joyous life.