Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XVI: 33 - 36

Though today you know nothing at all,

look forward to the morrow. A great broad path will open. 

To put this in context, at the time, Moonsun, God our Parent was trying in every way to open just a narrow path of single-hearted salvation. As we have seen in these poems there are serious problems with opening just a narrow path. Nobody understands God's intention and God's efforts to convince us to freely return to our origin have been hampered by misunderstandings and even opposition. Still, God's effort on our behalf is tireless and as a result  the Path of single-hearted salvation advances step by step. First as a narrow path that is both difficult to open and difficult to maintain and then as God's intention is known and understood by God's instruments of single-hearted salvation ("Timbers") as a great broad path that is appropriate for all human minds no matter what their time, place and level of maturity might be.   

When this path comes to be seen,

there will be no one able to stand against Me. 

Earlier in this theme we were invited to dream of great things and to take them as a sign to perform the Service so I will share some of my dreams. Imagine a world wherein Moonsun's "Timbers" have helped a significant number of people to distinguish between their original  self and their imagined self. Imagine a world wherein Moonsun's "Timbers" fully understand God our Parent's model of Parental Love with all that it entails. Imagine a world wherein a significant number of minds have the knowledge and understanding that the whole universe is the body of God, borrowed as we say by the idea of a separate self - our self-centered imagination. Certainly such a world would rapidly resolve itself into universal single-hearted salvation while those few holdouts would be understood as being poor souls who, at least for the time being, remained lost in the darkness of their self-centered imaginations, imagining that there was no need for or sure guide available to show them the way out. 

Whatever intent Tsukihi may have,

there is perhaps no one who knows this mind.

Simply put our bias is toward self-centered salvation and not single-hearted salvation. In the first case we hope and perhaps even insist that God's mind conform to our mind, that is to our self-centered imaginings. In the second case, when the self-centered imagination is settled or purified what remains is in accord, one with God's mind. Prior to learning and understanding the truth of origin as known and understood through the totally sincere mind like clear water we however only have access to the depth of knowledge and understanding that is available to the first case and do not know God's mind. 

When it begins to be seen, the innermost heart 

of you everywhere will be purified of its own accord. 

When we follow God our Parent's instructions, exactly as given, pondering what we are instructed to ponder, sweeping when we are instructed to sweep, saving others when we are instructed to save others, step by step the world as we experience it will change and we can expect that our innermost heart will be purified of its own accord. 

I know from experience that many people have difficulty understanding what it means to ponder something. In general it means to think about a topic deeply and carefully. From time to time we also speak of reflecting on a topic. Reflecting implies turning back on our self as in "deep self-reflection".  One of the functions of God's "Timbers" is to facilitate pondering and deep self-reflection on the topics that we have been instructed in. In so doing gradually and naturally helping to refine each other's minds. Indeed in all matters it is appropriate to ponder and reflect upon the truth that there is only One. This whole universe being the body of God. Everything being what God says and does. Through that sincere effort the self-centered imagination is thus distinguished as an idea the One has of itself as many. A child of the Parent so to speak. Thinking so has a profound impact upon the human mind. It helps to reveal its core and return it to its original condition surely and rapidly.