Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XVI: 37 - 40

From now on, I shall speak solely about

all things unknown since this world began.

This verse should be of some interest to those "Timbers" who are interested in the ways in which the Model demonstrates opening a narrow path of single-hearted salvation. The current theme opens with a trio of poems that are very familiar (like things known) for a particular time, place and level of spiritual maturity. This verse then moves forward with the assertion that the subject has progressed to "things unknown since this world began".  In general we are unable to imagine or grasp things that are previously unknown. We have to approach them in some kind of relationship with things that we already know. The method of the path then is to move the discussion from things known to things unknown. Of course God's "Timbers" are by now aware that it is necessary detail of the Model that new paths of single-hearted salvation be opened in ways appropriate for time place and level of spiritual maturity of those who would wish to hear the teaching of the truth of origin.  

Though until now no one has known

the truth of the human mind,

We know by now that there are all sorts of worldly common truths that occupy the human mind. This verse makes it clear that followers of this path can expect to learn how to know and understand the truth of the human mind. This is a subject that everybody is interested in as everybody is interested in their own mind.

This time, as God is openly revealed,

I shall teach you everything about all matters.

Though it might appear as the path of single-hearted salvation is about all sorts of things unrelated to knowing the truth of one's own mind, such things are just the worldly common predispositions that we carry with us as we start out on the Path. Gradually we voluntarily discard them along the way as we discover that they only slow our progress. We would be well advised to be careful not to trip on them and under no circumstances, once discarded should they be picked up again, though we all have the tendency to do so. In all matters it is appropriate to ponder the truth that the whole universe is the body of God. The truth of the human mind then is that it is a bundle of ideas in God's mind attached to a portion of God's body, imagining itself to be a separate entity. Without the truth of origin it is the Moon claiming to shine by its own light and believing its phases to be other than a mere appearance. It is, after all, both beautiful and very interesting. Adding the truth of the source of the Moon's light adds to its beauty and interest, it is not a loss. 

I do not indicate anyone in particular by this talk.

I shall give notice through bodily disorders.

Generally our worldly common human experience of bodily disorders has tended toward two broad categories of interpretation. If we look all over the world and through all ages we see a  cultural tendency for us to interpret bodily disorders as either an intensely personal matter between our self and god, gods and spirits or as an impersonal matter governed by random chance or fate. The emphasis in traditional societies leaning more toward the former, while more industrial societies embracing scientific medicine have tended to a more impersonal interpretation. Though there is still quite a bit of sympathy for a more personalized "whole person" view even among scientific practitioners. 

Moonsun understands the importance of this subject to our self-centered imaginations and has provided us with the opportunity know and understand the truth of our origin from either starting point. The verse at hand addresses the deep misunderstanding that Moonsun somehow intends something evil. Particularly the misunderstanding that views Moonsun as judging and punishing specific human beings for their actions or inactions, by making them ill. 

This verse makes it clear that Moonsun wants us to understand that the notice that we receive from through bodily disorders is not personal. The way to clearly understand this verse is to directly ponder the truth that the whole universe is the body of God. It would be a mistake however to imagine that this impersonal notice implies the absence of a higher power that cares deeply about the quality of our life. That we could even imagine such a thing is only possible because Moonsun exists. 

Moonsun is also aware that some of us will not be able to directly ponder the truth that the whole universe is the body of God and that we will continue to be drawn to personalize the notice that comes through bodily disorders and attribute human motives and emotions to the experience. The way to understand this verse then is through the perfected human emotions shown through the Model of Parental Love. Normal parents everywhere love and care deeply about their children and do not purposely hurt them. God our Parent is the perfect expression of this emotion of parental love. Because they have much greater experience than their children, parents are able to warn their children of the dangers that lay ahead for them in advance. God our Parent is providing us with the perfect warning. A warning  that addresses the core issue behind all of our troubles in all times and places. 

In either case bodily disorders are a notice for us to give up the limitations that come with greedily  claiming false ownership, greedily claiming to own a separate body. We are hastened to know the truth by returning to our origin, to the original warm parental embrace, wising up and returning what has been borrowed, at once! With a word of thanks.