Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XVI: 41 - 44

Do not wonder why I say such things.

I speak out of My deep love for you.

So the notice that we receive through bodily disorders is an expression of God our parent's deep love for us. We are making a mistake in limiting our self to a body and God is trying to help us to understand that so that we can use the body as an instrument of joy.

Whatever you may do,

there is nothing which is unknown to God.

Whatever is done and whatever is known is done and known because Moonsun exists. In all cases Moonsun is the real and actual knower. We are the self-centered imagination and exist as the reflected light of the parent, shining as the innermost heart of all. 

Therefore, I shall give you notice of everything beforehand,

and then begin My work. 

Causality, the way in which the world unfolds, something of a mystery to us. It is supposed to be so. We delight in naming forms and speculating on outcomes of events. God the parent understands causality and is able to see the rather dreadful paths that lie ahead for us if we continue to function with the self-centered imagination alone as the foundation of all of our thinking. Thus the warnings and notices. 

There is also an honesty and transparency as concerns the model and the path of single-hearted salvation. The intention of our Parent of origin is clearly spelled out for us. As is the means of single-hearted salvation and the method to be used in its universal realization. 

Though until now I have been patiently 

holding back in whatever matters.

It is instructive that the pointed impatience of our Parent of origin is aimed at our slowness in responding to the coaxing of the Parental Heart to return to our origin and not at the tons of dumb stuff that we have rather routinely engaged in since the beginning of recorded human history.