Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XVI: 53 - 56

Moonsun is the Parent who began human beings

and this world which did not exist.

Moonsun is the Parent, the Kanrodai is the Parent, these labels are meant to comfort, guide us and help us to understand the one truth and original cause of all that exists. Helping us to turn inward away from our familiar worldly common truths to the one truth that can only be known by revealing the very core of our mind. 

Be that as it may, the drum is being stopped

by children who know nothing. Behold My regret.

Note, that because of the freedom granted to the self-centered imagination, God the Parent can only watch as those who know nothing of the truth of origin work diligently to keep it from being revealed. A regrettable sight indeed. 

This time, I shall give a return for this.

Beware of it, all of you, wherever you may be. 

The return that we are warned of is the of course the perfect result of the causes that we set in motion. Unfortunately, by using the self-centered imagination as the sole foundation of our thinking we have continually upped the stakes concerning the amount of damage and suffering that we can bring upon ourselves and each other. 

Until today, you have known nothing.

But now, things are beginning to appear - a great promise.

There is however good news. We can put those returns on our ignorance behind us and by returning to our origin instead realize the return of a marvelous salvation, not just for ourselves but for the entire world. Think about it. On the one hand there are the immediate returns on the same old self-centered stuff and on the other there is the promise of a world of joy based on the realization that the whole universe is a single being, the truth of our origin.