Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XVI: 57 - 60

What do you think this path is about?

It is to cleanse the heart of everyone in the world. 

Even after forty three years of teaching it was still necessary to ask this question because no one really understood what Moonsun intended to do. So here it is spelled out for us once again. The path is about the clearing away of anything that keeps us from knowing and understanding the core of our mind, the truth of our origin. The truth that the body is a thing borrowed and that in fact the whole universe is the body of God. 

What do you think this matter is about?

It is to clear away God's regret.

So, the self-centered imagination, our fundamental thought or idea that we are a body separate from God is the regret of God our parent. To understand that truth we need to settle or remove that thought as the foundation of our thinking and replace it with the fundamental truth of origin, the truth that exists in the core of the mind deeper than any idea. Because the truth of origin exists ideas are possible but the truth of origin is not itself an idea. 

God's "Timbers" are experts in clearing away, settling and removal. There is nothing in this teaching that indicates the necessity of putting anything new into the mind. God enters into the mud of our imaginations with the intention of making them the mind like clear water and in so doing revealing the truth that is already there. 

Hereafter, I shall not indicate anyone in particular.

I am watching the innermost heart of each of you. 

Moonsun is the conscious light by which any and everything  is seen or known, like the light of the Sun but not in the sky rather in the innermost heart of all.  

Our usual worldly common approach to determining appropriate behavior is to look at the actions of particular individuals, judge them and use them as examples of either good moral and ethical behavior or bad immoral and unethical behavior. In varying degrees we try to establish rules of behavior to govern and soften the impact of what seems to be our fundamental selfishness and greed. This approach has served us well and is the method that has brought us to where we are now in the establishment and maintenance of our current societies. This approach has not however delivered happiness, justice, fairness or joy to a large portion of the human population. 

Moonsun's approach differs entirely from this worldly common approach. Because Moonsun can see all human activities from our innermost heart, in showing us the way to the joyous life equally for all human beings that flows from single-heartedness with God, Moonsun goes after the root and core of all human behavior with the intention of making the one repair that will settle all of our difficulties at once. In this respect we all have the same fundamental problem and the solution for that problem is the same for us all.  We all need to replace the foundation of our human thinking with the true foundation of the truth of origin. The truth that is the knowledge and understanding that originally and now, any and everything is One Being which our self-centered imaginations may call God. 

From today, Moonsun will go forth to work.

There is no knowing what I shall do. 

Moonsun has promised to do what needs to be done to attract all of the minds of the world in all times and places back to the truth of origin. It is undoubtedly beneficial, particularly for those who would be Moonsun's "Timbers" to ponder the implications of this promise. This is in fact a good time to ponder Moonsun's intention to cleanse all of the mind's of the world, in ways appropriate for each and every beloved child.