Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XVI: 5 - 8 

There being no one who knows this origin,

I shall teach you all of this truth.

This is very interesting. All human cultures have a "creation story" that is taught as an explanation of how human beings or in many cases more specifically members of a particular culture came to exist. We generally learn them as children and they often serve as model stories of what it means to be a member of that cultural group, our relationship with our creator and with the world. Certainly the Nakayama family and their neighbors had access to just such a story or perhaps more than one such story with variations that suited particular local tastes  and temperaments. The truth of origin that we are going to be taught then is either just another one of those stories or it is something entirely different. I believe God the parent that the truth that is to be taught and known is something hitherto unknown and entirely different from our common, ordinary truths. Indeed though we may need to have the way to that truth related to us as a story, the actual truth is the resultant proof of a testable step by step process for revealing the core of what is called the human mind. 

Though even until now I have tried to persuade you

day after day and to teach you step by step,

We are willing to believe all kinds of stories, our self-centered imaginations can be endlessly entertained by them. What the self-centered imagination is reluctant to do however is to be persuaded to follow the step by step instructions to quiet itself so that its origin and core can be revealed.  This is really different from our ordinary idea of knowledge isn't it?

And yet today, no matter how Moonsun strives to teach,

there is no understanding in the minds of all.

In fact it is so different that the self-centered imagination finds it extremely difficult to get a hold on and understand. It is just so much easier for our imaginations to stick with the variations on imagined stories for this kind of information. It should come as no surprise that the self-centered imagination prefers imagined truths. That we human beings can imagine worldly common truths is a marvel of nature that is unsurpassed. We are so totally taken by and identified with the wondrous power of our self-centered imagination that we perhaps may think that it isn't worth quieting it or turning it off, for even a waking second.  

Therefore, as the time has already come,

I must now give you a return.

 Uh-oh, perhaps there are some unforeseen repercussions that flow from not paying attention to our Parent of origin and allowing our self-centered imagination to run continuously and unchecked.