Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XVI: 61 - 64

The work that Moonsun will do from now on:

perhaps no one knows where I shall do it.

In the previous verse we were informed that no one knows what Moonsun will do and now in this verse we are informed that no one knows where Moonsun will do that work. That is of course true in both cases because as we have been often told, no one knew what Moonsun's intention is. I expect that at some point Moonsun's "Timbers" will have to know both of those things, what Moonsun will do and where Moonsun intends to do it, in order to be effective in their efforts on Moonsun's behalf. 

I shall work in the high mountains as well as in the low valleys,

here and there, throughout the world.

We are invited to ponder God's intention to work single-hearted salvation for all human beings, regardless of their educational, social or economic status. That work being carried out not just in one place but throughout the entire world. 

When Moonsun works throughout the world,

perhaps there is no one who knows how to settle matters.

So we can, I think, say with confidence that God's intention is single-hearted salvation for all human beings equally and that the means to realizing that single-hearted salvation is the settled, purified "mind like clear water". The mind in which the "regret of God" ( the self-centered imagination) has been settled, revealing its core, the truth of its origin. 

Then there are two problems addressed here. The first is the fact that no one was able to understand Moonsun's intention to settle the mind and reveal it core and the second is that no one knew how to settle their self-centered imagination so that the truth of origin could be known and understood.  

Therefore, I shall tell you how to settle matters.

All of you in the world must ponder quickly. 

Recall that God our Parent never points out our weaknesses without also providing a positive direction for us to follow to the desired result. In this case, since God has pointed out that we do not understand how or where God will work single-hearted salvation and also perhaps we do not know how to settle the matters that trouble our mind. 

The remedy that is offered is to ponder quickly but what exactly is it that we are supposed to ponder? Well, I am partial to following the advice given in the verses at that top and bottom of this page and suggest that this is an opportunity to quickly ponder the truth that the whole universe is the body of God and that human bodies or beings are things borrowed from God. 

Pondering thus, it occurs to me that though that is obviously so, this universe is made of all the same particles which can neither be created nor destroyed, ordinarily the world does not look that way to me. I imagine myself to be somehow separate from nature even though when I ponder the truth I know that that is not the case. That imagined separateness,  I can reason, is my self-centered imagination. It is who I imagine myself to be and is the one idea capable of keeping me from understanding in all matters the truth that this universe is One being. 

It is reasonable to expect that if I am to ever really know and understand the truth that the whole universe is One, that my self-centered imagination will have to be settled and made quiet. In general we don't know how to do that. Knowing that God our Parent has given us examples, a model to follow. An object lesson in how to calm and settle our self-centered imagination. The sincere work and effort necessary to calm and settle our self-centered imagination is then what is called the Service.