Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XVI: 69 - 72

From now on, I God, shall carry out My intentions. 

There is no knowing what I shall do. 

This has come up more than once and it refers to the fact that no one understood what God was trying to do. We tend to like our information as groupings of ideas that we can perhaps memorize and be comfortable with. In pondering these poems we have referred to such ideas as worldly common truths. Quite often those worldly common truths have real, sometimes marvelous, utility for us. Unfortunately we can also be ensnared by them, becoming limited to them and may find it difficult to see anything beyond them. 

God the Parent's 'Timbers" are going to teach the Service that calms the mind, revealing its core, to all of the minds of the world in every time and place and in ways that are appropriate for each and every self-centered imagination. As God's instruments in this matter who can say what they will do to help each and every self-centered imagination return to its origin in ways appropriate for each? 

Though until now you have said things

and thought about things, doing as you pleased,

This is of course a description of the human condition while using the self-centered imagination as the foundation for all of our thinking. 

Hereafter, as God will rule,

you will not be able to do anything as you please.

Replacing the self-centered imagination as the foundation of our thoughts with the truth of origin will, of its own accord, restrain our self-destructive greed and dissatisfaction with the marvel that is the universe.

Though nothing is visible to human eyes,

everything is seen in the eyes of God. 

Are we blind? No we see all kinds of things with our human eyes but we cannot see the truth of origin with them. That truth, the truth of origin, is the original cause by which all things are seen. We can calm our self-centered imaginations and melt back into the truth of origin but we cannot behold it as an object of our imaginations. Stop and take a moment to identify and reflect on the light that illuminates the images of your mind from within. That "light" is the real knower, doer and seer of all things. It is also because of that "light" that we can and do imagine otherwise.