Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XVI: 73 - 76 

Please wait awhile before giving away what you have prepared.

It is like throwing it into muddy water. 

This verse is of course about the working of our own mind. The way in which ideas rise up and we act upon them. For many of us there is a tendency to speak or act impulsively or according to our emotional state at any given time. As an exercise in replacing our minds we are taught to pause and reflect, even if just for a moment, before we speak or act. In past poems we have been instructed to always "compare" our current state of mind with the truth of origin or to "filter" our thoughts through the truth of origin before sending them out into the world. Our thoughts likened to a spring, though pure in origin as it rises up into a pond in the high mountains, that pure water becomes mixed with mud and debris as it gushes out. Yet with filtering and careful handling that water can be returned to and maintained in its original pure condition. 

Until now, I have said nothing about any matter.

Today, I must speak out on everything.

 As it is with God the Parent so too with the God the Parent's "Timbers".  Speaking out on every matter from the point of view of the truth of origin, the point of view of the "mind like clear water" teaching the way to purify the mind and return it to its original condition, day in and day out teaching all over the world in ways appropriate for every kind of mind. 

Now today, any and all things will appear.

When the appointed time comes, Tsukihi will come to lead you. 

The time to return is now, when we turn inward and dive down we will find Moonsun our true and original Parent waiting to lead us back step by step to the truth of our origin and the high spirited joy that flows into the world from that one truth. 

Today, the time has become sufficiently full.

There is no knowing when I shall come to lead you forth. 

The way to return is not limited to any particular service. What is required is the sincere performance of any service that leads to the mind like clear water and single-heartedness with God. There is no need to look for God our Parent outside of our own mind. Whatever kind of mind we may have is not important. Sincerely turning in, seeing where our self-centered imagination rises up and honestly acknowledging what happens to it as it goes out into the world is something that anyone can do. To do so is the price of true satisfaction, real and true freedom and a joyous life.