Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XVII: 13 - 16

Wherever you may be, Moonsun will accept all of you
in accordance with your minds.

It is important to note the significance of the phrase "Wherever you may be". Though in this theme Moonsun is providing us with a "place" as a focus for our service to return, God our Parent is not restricting our ability to return by limiting our service to a particular geographical place. Nor is God our parent discriminating among us by requiring that we have the means to physically travel from one place to another. 

Now concerning the phrase "in accordance with your minds", there is nothing difficult about this either. We can easily understand the truth of this through the words "clear" or "muddy". Of course we can complicate and confuse this with our usual stuff but clear is clear and muddy is muddy. If there is a question about this I suppose that one could take a glass of water and drop some dirt into it. For the water to be clear again that dirt will either have to be filtered out or settled out. It is the same with the condition of our mind. The self-centered imagination will either have to be filtered out or settled out for the mind to be returned to its original pure original condition of single-heartedness with God. 

Whatever mind you may have had until now,
replace it, even in the span of a night!

God doesn't really care about the details of the kind of garbage that we may have accumulated in our minds. God sees it all and has only intervened because our accumulated self-centered garbage has become the state and truth of our world and only then because we are not finding any lasting joy in that state. 

Again we are reminded that this is a rather simple thing to do. Though we can turn it into a long process it can in fact be done "even in the span of a night!". It is as easy as awakening from a dream. In our case that dream is our self-centered imaginings and the self-centered truths that flow from those imaginings. Recall that Miki, our model as the Shrine of Moonsun, awakened instantly. We are not provided with a guide that doesn't know how to get us back to our origin or how long it actually takes.  Our problem is that we are reluctant to follow the instructions of a real and true guide but wish to rely instead on our own self-centered  impulses. Left to our own devices we in fact do not know how to get back to our true origin nor do we know how long it should take to get there! The proof is of course in the actual awakened return. The rest is all clouding the issue and excuses. 

If you truly replace the mind in its entirety, 
Moonsun will accept it, too, at once.

We are used to dealing with the contents of our mind like tending to and pruning the leaves on a tree. When trying to make a change it is often the case that one one leaf is removed, two more grow back in its place. That can often lead to a disheartening result for our efforts. 

To address and solve this problem Moonsun is hastening us to uproot the entire tree all at one time. Ordinarily when we ponder the state of our mind we perhaps review a number of different topics that we identify with as our self. As we reflect on our ideas of our self we may tend to tumble off, our imagination engaged by one line of though or another, until finally we may forget what we had set out to ponder in the first place and go about our usual worldly common business. 

Taken has a whole, the bundle of thoughts that we identify with as our self deserves to be called our self-centered imagination. The core idea of the self-centered imagination is the understanding that what it is experiencing is happening to a body that is separate from the rest of nature and the universe. It is really a marvelous power and one that was intended to be a source of great joy for the One who created it. Just as the "dust" of all of our minds instantly becomes the "dust" and regret in God's mind, the joy in all of our minds instantly becomes the joy in God's mind. 

Determine your mind now. With your eyes open "look" at the self-centered imagination from within your own mind. See how the self-centered imagination moves and is superimposed on the contents of the room. Enjoy the the unmoving embrace of  the warm Parental heart that makes it all possible and which "sees" and loves us all.

To Moonsun, all of you in the world are My children.
Love for you fills Me: this is My single heart.

If we are not single-hearted, one,  with the Parent then we are children of the parent being called home. If we are children of the Parent then this verse completely expresses the intention of our Parent of origin with regards to each and every one of us, equally, without discrimination.