Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XVII: 17 - 20

Until now, there has been no one

who knows the innermost heart.

The innermost heart, our innermost heart is God the Parent, the truth of our origin. The question is how to reveal, realize, know and understand that truth. 

This time, wherever you may be, 

I shall tell you all about the innermost heart.

Again, "wherever you may be", God our Parent has taken some risks in entering into our imaginations and wants to be sure that we do not inadvertently turn this teaching into a worldly common localism that misses the mark of Moonsun's intention for all the minds of the world equally. 

So we are being taught all about the innermost heart. Revealing the innermost heart is then the work of God's "Timber's" as they relate this truth to all of the minds of the world. Each according to its time, place and level of spiritual maturity. 

Until now, if you were set apart be even one wall, 

you would know nothing of whatever was said.

Our self-centered imaginings flow over our innermost heart from one to the next in an endless stream through out our waking hours. We are then always then just one self-centered thought away from our innermost heart.  As long as that one thought, that "one wall" separates us from our innermost heart we will not be able to know or understand the truth of our origin or the teaching of our true and original Parent. 

From today, there will be no time even to look aside.

There is no knowing what will be accomplished as in a dream.

We can learn something about our self here. Is it possible that we don't have the time to remove just the one obstacle to our awakening? 

In fact, for many of us stopping or even slowing down our self-centered imagination seems to be a pretty difficult thing to do. To counter this difficulty God our Parent has provided us with the model path and the services. They have no other purpose other than to hasten and bring out the single-hearted salvation of each and every human mind.