Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.


Book seventeen of "Ofudesaki" the Tip of The Writing Brush is the last book of the collection of poems directly conveyed from the truth of our origin to all human beings equally. Up until this point in the poems it seems apparent that the intention of that One Truth is to effect a correction, repair, replacement or evolution of the human mind that will ensure a joyous life for all human beings equally. 

By now it is also apparent that the replacement or repair that is called for is not something that we can do by ourselves, within our own self-centered imaginations. The repair and replacement must be done at the place where our self-centered imagination is made. To be fixed, the self-centered imagination must be returned to its origin. 

Now here is the real difficult part of the problem. The self-centered imagination is made in such a way that it must cooperate with its own "recall" or that "recall" will not be possible.. Unfortunately the human self-centered imagination finds it very difficult to understand that it is being "recalled" to its place of origin. Indeed because of the way in which they were made, most self-centered imaginations remain sure that it is either unnecessary or impossible to return to their origin. Our Maker greatly regrets this situation and takes responsibility for it, however, our Maker, though full of regret about the situation knows that it is both necessary and possible for all human self-centered imaginations to return to their origin for replacement and repair. Though the human self-centered imagination cannot see the repercussions of failing to return for repair and replacement our maker can and is doing everything in its power to  hasten the process of return. 

The solution then to the "recall" problem is to lead each and every human self-centered imagination back to its origin in ways that are appropriate for the time, the place and the level of maturity of each and every human mind.  That is a big job and one might wonder how it can be done. The path of return begins with Miki Nakayama. Miki returned to the origin and from the truth of origin introduced into the world of the self-centered imagination the plan or model that shows the way for all human beings to follow her example and return to their origin. It is a Model designed to effect that desired return for all human minds without discrimination and regardless of their content. 

The Model goes from the general, the same intention, means and method of return for all human beings. To the specific, detailed teaching and training of intermediaries and model interactions with individual self-centered imaginations in a particular time, place and at a particular level of spiritual maturity. All with the single goal of leading the self-centered imagination back to its origin so that it can be repaired or replaced and sent back into the world of joyous life. 

XVII: 1 - 4

Until now, no one has known what path this is.

From this day on, you will understand the path.

Misunderstanding the path and its intention seems to come easily to the self-centered imagination. By this time many sincere people had heard Moonsun teach and all apparently misunderstood intention of the path. We would do well to carefully ponder that fact to make sure that we do not share in that misunderstanding.. 

After pointing out our propensity to misunderstand our Parent of origin, as usual,  immediately follows with an encouragement. Indeed, at any time we can resolve to follow Moonsun's lead and know and understand God's intention in opening a path of single-hearted salvation for all human beings equally. All that we have to do is honestly and sincerely follow the reasoning that flows from the fact that the entire universe is the body of God and that all human beings are equally beloved children of God. This I believe is the reason of heaven and I have to say that the more one reasons in that way the more natural and fundamental it becomes. I used to be embarrassed about bringing it up. Now I am embarrassed about not bringing it up often enough. 

What do you think this path is about?

It is solely about the Kanrodai.

What do I think this path is about?  It is a question the each of us might benefit from answering. I think that this path is about returning the mind to its origin and knowing and understanding the truth that flows from that truth.  In this I don't think that I misunderstand what is being taught. Priority, however, seems to be a problem. There is a competition or a confrontation between settling the truth and the pursuit of one self-centered concern or another. The path then shows the way to settle that confrontation on behalf of the truth of origin. 

We know something about the Kanrodai from earlier poems. The Kanrodai is the Parent, Moonsun, God and truth of Origin. The path then is solely about knowing and understanding the truth of the Parent of Origin, Moonsun, the original One whose body is the entire universe. This I believe is what single-heartedness with God is all about. 

What do you think this Stand is?

It is the prime treasure of Nihon.

Again we each have to answer this question for our self. In keeping with this teaching, I for one think that the the Kanrodai is the Parent, Moonsun, God and truth of Origin. 

To reach our self-centered imaginations God has to take some risks. There are places in the path where one must move along a narrow ledge. One false step and one is off of the path. The "treasure of Nihon" referred to here brings a happy memory to mind. Some years ago while my wife and I were practicing the service as a dance with fans, a friend of ours, though he didn't speak English, took the time to stop the practice and rush over to us to make sure that we didn't confuse the image of the Sun on the fan with the Japanese national symbol. We already knew that that was the case but appreciated the gesture none the less, because, had we made that mistake we would have fallen off of that ledge. 

In speaking of the risks that God our Parent must take by entering into the mud of our minds to show us the way back to our origin, those narrow ledges are examples of those risks. If we follow the directions just as they are given then the path opens out onto a broad way. If however we step off of the path and mix it with our worldly common stuff then unintentionally our efforts can yield just the opposite  of the desired effect and the origin will remain unknown and out of reach. 

What is the thinking among all of you about this?

Perhaps no one knows its origin.

What are we thinking about this? Are we pondering that this universe is the body of God in all matters? Have we dived down and revealed the core of our mind?  Do we know the truth of origin? Have we replaced our mind? In light of the fact that so many before us have misunderstood, it would seem that God's "Timbers" might have to  be diligent in helping each other to stay oriented on the Path. As these poems point out over and over it appears as though the self-centered imagination can  rather easily lose sight sight of it.