Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XVII: 25 - 28

Until now, I have listened to whatever things.

This time, indeed, I shall clear My regret away.

Though God our parent sees and hears all, I suspect that in the context of this poem this "listened to" refers to our complaining and excuses. 

What do you think this clearing away is to be?

There is no knowing where or when I may withdraw.

The question is put and my answer is that I think that the clearing away that is intended, is the calming and settling of my self-centered imagination so that the truth of its origin can be revealed, known and understood. 

The withdrawal that is spoken of is the eventual  and inevitable loss of the physical presence of  Miki as a Shrine of Moonsun. By this point in the opening of a path of single-hearted salvation Moonsun is really very concerned about possibly not having enough useful "timbers" available for maintaining and keeping open the narrow path as well as for expanding and broadening the path so that it can go out into the world and function as intended.  

This regret from My long journey till now:

know that it is not a small matter.

The world that God our Parent has given us to play in has everything necessary for us to live freely and joyously. We need only look around to see how the regret of the Parent has piled up. 

From now on, I shall give returns for it.

Be aware of it, all of you.

The way we use our mind, our every thought and action returns an appropriate further action. In all things and matters this is how the universe is made. We should ponder this so that we do not have regrets about our thoughts and actions as we go about our daily business.