Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XVII: 29 - 32

Without saying who it is to be,

Moonsun is watching everyone throughout the world closely.

Closely indeed, Moonsun is watching each of us from our innermost heart. Though we are able to imagine otherwise, there is no relationship more intimate than the identity of the Parent of origin and the self-centered imagination. Moonsun being the light by which the self-centered imagination (and everything else) is seen.  

 Whatever you may say or think, 

there is nothing that Moonsun does not know.

The more we are aware of this truth the more we naturally tend to filter the contents of our mind and the more we are able to relate what we put out into the world to the truth of origin. Eventually replacing the self-centered imagination alone as the foundation of all of our thinking with the truth of origin as the foundation of all of our thinking. 

Metaphorically, our  partial identity as Moonlight becomes the realization of our whole identity as Moon and Sun, Moonsun, the total truth of self and of any and everything. 

Hereafter, whatever I shall do,

Moonsun will give you notice of it beforehand.

Because Miki Nakayama had awakened and become the Shrine of Moonsun, Moonsun was able to "borrow her mouth" to provide sure and true instructions on how all of us can also return to our origin and single-heartedness with God.  There are no surprises in the teaching, nothing is held back and the way is clearly shown. 

From now on, if the regret of Moonsun appears,

there is no knowing what will happen.

Having said that there are no surprises in Moonsun's teaching we are here told that in contrast, wherever the self-centered imagination (Moonsun's regret) appears, there is no knowing what will happen. In single-heartedness with Moonsun the truth of self is known and there is fundamental certainty and true satisfaction in that. The lot of the self-centered imagination alone however is fraught with self-doubt and surprises, some good, some bad. Further, as concerns the workings of the self-centered imagination alone, there is no true satisfaction, only fleeting satisfaction as we move from the fulfillment of one desire to another.