Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XVII: 33 - 36

Today, everything has piled up to its limit.
Watch! I shall clear away the regret of God.

This is true of every day that universal single-hearted salvation remains unrealized. Though we may be doing some amazing things with our self-centered imaginations we are also literally and figuratively "playing with fire" and things could go very bad for us all if we do not take the time to  make the necessary repairs to the foundation of our thinking. 

Until now, no one has known the Jiba of Origin,
where I began the human beings of this world.

We can understand this verse, I think, by pondering it in the light of the instruction to ponder all matters from the point of view that the whole universe is the body of God. That being the case, the origin of human beings spoken of is the origin of the self-centered imagination, which is the idea that we are somehow separate from the universe, the body of God. 

This time, by all means,
I wish to teach this truth clearly to the entire world.

This verse is I think primarily addressed to Moonusn's "Timbers", those intermediaries who will have to learn how to spread the path to the truth of origin "by all means". To them falls the task of learning how to the return the mind to its original condition of purity in whatever ways it takes to reach all of the minds of the world. I have seen contemporary reference to these "Timbers" as "Path Finders" or "Pioneers". They travel light and only carry with them (within their innermost hearts) the truth of origin, using native materials to open new paths of single-hearted salvation in ways appropriate for the time, place and levels of spiritual maturity that they may encounter as they move about within the body of God. 

Therefore, I began to set up the Kanrodai.
It is the place of the true origin. 

In demonstrating single-hearted salvation "by all means", Moonsun has provided us with a Model that shows how to address the human self-centered imagination's need to learn by relating new information to information that is already accepted. Information that we are comfortable and familiar with. Using that method Moonsun has shown a model that provides the self-centered imagination with persons, places, things and concepts that fit in with the general view of how the world functions in a particular time and place and for various levels of spiritual maturity but which also remain oriented on our true origin. The one truth that can be known and understood but which cannot be imagined.  

This is really such a remarkable path particularly when it is appreciated how the Model Path is intended to be projected into future new paths all of which are to be based on the same comprehensive model yet each of which is meant to be appropriate for the time, place and level of maturity of the mind that it is intended to awaken. In this regard an ox cart and a space ship have in common the function of moving people from one place to another. A space ship that didn't have that function would lose that common quality with the ox cart. So too with paths of single-hearted salvation. To maintain the single most important quality of the Model, a path of single-hearted salvation has to be able to return the mind to its origin so that the truth of origin can be known and understood.  

The Path laid by Oyasama is sometimes referred to as the path of single-hearted salvation, at other times as the path to complete the service, the path to unite our minds, or the path to purify our minds completely. Each of these names helps us to understand some aspect of what the path entails. No matter which aspect of Her path we choose, however, it alone may not suffice to get us to the true Joyous Life. Only by synthesizing each aspect into a cohesive whole and then following that path are we likely to receive the blessings of a Joyous Life. 

This path, taken as a cohesive whole, was not only explained by Oyasama but was also demonstrated through Her own example. Being an exemplary model for those of us who would later follow it, we intimately refer to it as the path of the Divine Model. This means that it is the model path for those who are prepared to follow it to the letter, exactly as taught. If we doubt the teachings or are skeptical about them, it cannot serve as a model path for us. ...[A] path is something that exists solely for the purpose of being followed.  

The Third Shinbashira, October 27, 1994