Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XVII: 37 - 40

The reason I began such a thing

is that I desire to save the whole world.

The Kanrodai is the Parent, the purpose of the Stand was and continues to be, none other than to facilitate the single-hearted salvation of the whole world. 

Despite this, it was taken away by My  children

who knew nothing. Behold My regret!

The regret here isn't about anything that we are doing to our Parent of origin, it is the deep regret of a Parent watching beloved children using a  gift given to them by the Parent to do harm to themselves. The regret is all the more so since the gift was freely given in such a way that the only way the Parent can get it back to repair it is with the consent of the child and that, because of our lack of maturity, is something that we have been very reluctant to honestly and sincerely give.  

Listen carefully! There is no knowing

what kinds of returns will be given hereafter.

Because of the way that the world is made, the returns of the Parent are automatic, immediate and perfectly appropriate for each action or cause as they rise out of the origin and become the universe that we are intended to play joyously in. Our Parent cannot suspend these returns for us but can only warn us of the frightful paths that may be in store for us if we do not return to the origin to make the necessary repair and replacement of the foundation of our mind that will guarantee us the joyous life that was intended in the creation of human beings.   

This regret of Tsukihi:

it is by no means a small matter.

The Captain knows the condition of the ship and has called us to the lifeboats. Our reasons for hesitating will be of little comfort if we end up going down with the ship.