Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XVII: 41 - 44

About the returns: do not think of them as small matters.

There is no knowing what Tsukihi will do.

There is no knowing what Moonsun will do because there is no knowing exactly what we will do self-centeredly and what the consequences of those actions will be. 

What do all of you think of this talk?

The regret of God is indeed great.

I think that the collective actions of all of the self-centered imaginations in the world have made some really marvelous things and virtues appear. I also think that the inevitable conflict that occurs among self-centered imaginations attempting to maximize their own self-centered truths will eventually destroy all of those wonders, and squander those virtues unless the self-centered imagination is repaired by replacing it with the truth of origin, known and understood as the foundation of all of our thinking.  

Though until now I have passed

through every kind of path step by step,

This verse speaks of the many paths of human lives and the their unfolding all in the right causal order. 

As the appointed time has not yet come,

I have been keeping still. 

Though the appointed time (the causality that yields the truth of origin) came and was fully realized in Miki Nakayama, despite God's tireless efforts it had not been realized by anyone else. Recall that although Moonsun had been "keeping still" that did not mean that Moonsun was not tirelessly teaching. 

The appointed time then refers to the full realization of single-hearted salvation that Moonsun is working tirelessly to make available to us. Until that single-hearted salvation is realized God will continue to keep still and God's free and unlimited workings will remain just out of reach.