Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XVII: 49 - 52

For all of you children in the world,

there is only love in the thoughts of Moonsun.

 This verse was written after over four decades of teaching and still Moonsun's intention remained unknown and misunderstood. These later poems take particular care to address our misunderstandings and show us the way to overcome them. In this case the misunderstanding that imagines or assumes that God the Parent was or is intending something evil for any  human being can be laid to rest. 

Therefore, I desire to sweep clean 

the heart of everyone throughout the world.

Rather than harm us for any reason, God the Parent wants only to help all human beings equally to realize the free and unlimited workings and joyous life that is intended in our creation. The fundamental problem with realizing that intended joy is the idea of our self as being separate from the rest of nature and the universe. 

Employing  metaphors, God our Parent teaches us that God (the truth of our origin and of any and everything) resides as the "innermost heart" of all. The whole universe being the body of God. Collecting on top of that "innermost heart", like dust on a mirror or in a room, are self-centered thoughts. Thoughts that have as their foundation the fundamental idea that each of us is a separate being, a body, separate from God, nature and the universe. 

For our own good and for no other reason, God our Parent, the truth of our origin, desires to show us how to "sweep" those self-centered thoughts away. Returning our mind to its original natural condition before it imagined anything about itself. 

Why do you think I desire this sweeping?

It is because My thoughts are only for your salvation.

I think that God our Parent desires this sweeping of the mind because we cannot find the joy that was intended in the creation of the self-centered imagination. The state of our minds as they are, functioning from the point of view of a self-centered imagination without any knowledge or understanding of its true origin and place in the universe becomes the state of our world and that we are warned by our Parent of Origin is becoming for too many minds devoid of joy and an ever more risky proposition.

This salvation is not just to cure illness.

I intend it to be a marvelous salvation.

This verse is an example of Moonsun's use of the language of our misunderstanding to point out our misunderstanding. From God's point of view there is no such thing as illness. What we call  illness then is something that happens to the point of view of self-centered imagination, the point of view that lacks the knowledge and understanding of the truth of origin. 

In general I think it safe to say that most of us would rather not partake of the worldly common experience that we call illness and when we do so we tend to look for whatever way we can to recover from it as rapidly and as completely as possible. Just in my immediate neighborhood I can access a number of worldly common methods of curing any worldly common experience of illness that I might encounter. I personally subscribe to scientific medicine, the study of causes as they relate to a body but there are many others available. Some that quickly come to mind would include worldly common "Folk" and "Traditional" remedies. Also within waking distance I could also avail myself of "Faith Healing", "Spiritual Healing", "Casting Out of Evil Spirits", various "formulas of worship" and "Magical Arts". All of these methods, like everything else, were taught to us by God our Parent in our early years and all also produce worldly common cures for the worldly common experience of illness and trouble.    

Since it is often the case that we tend to look for God's help when faced with the worldly common experience of illness or trouble it is not surprising that we might also tend to misunderstand the intention of single-hearted salvation by confusing it with our worldly common expectations that lack the truth of origin. 

We human beings have now matured to the point were we able to awaken to the marvel that is single-hearted salvation. Moonsun, God our Parent is inviting us to return to our origin and awaken to the knowledge and understanding of the point of view of the truth of origin. From that point of view there is nothing that should be called illness or trouble. It is a marvelous salvation that cures all of our ills at once and is available now for all human beings equally.