Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

XVII: 53 - 56

What do you think this salvation is?

It is to be free from illness, death, and weakening.

Pondering the answer to this question, as instructed, from the point of view that the entire universe is the body of God, I would have to say that this salvation, single-hearted salvation, is the knowledge and understanding of the truth of origin. The truth that any and everything of this universe is the body of God and that any and everything is what God says and does. 

To be free from illness, death and weakening certainly sounds appealing to me though I cannot imagine such a thing happening to a body. After examining the Model that Moonsun has prepared for us I have come to the conclusion that this salvation concerns the human mind, its freedom and its use. 

Such a thing has been unknown anywhere until now.

I desire to show you the proof of it.

I suggest that this is a bold and remarkable statement. It is also one of the things that clearly separates this path from the worldly common. It is easy to make assertions but to back them up with proof is another matter altogether. 

It is a thing not to be found anywhere until now.

At this time, God desires to begin it. 

Obviously the proof that is offered is not the proof of the body. It is the proof that is known through the totally purified mind like clear water. Though it may seem to be difficult to do, even many worldly common proofs are difficult to duplicate, it can be done by anyone who has a mind and is willing to make an honest and sincere effort to settle their self-centered imagination. 

To show us this proof, God intends to teach and train intermediaries, "Timbers", who will show the way for all human beings to realize, know and understand that totally marvelous proof. And because of the Parental love that flows from that truth of origin, those "Timbers" will teach in ways equally appropriate for each and every mind in the world. 

Until today, you did not know what path you were on.

Hereafter, I shall let you know the path. 

Perhaps before pondering these verses I thought that the path to single-hearted salvation was a worldly common path that conformed to the expectations of my self-centered imagination. Now that I know differently I can move quickly from that narrow path to the "main road" that leads quickly and surely to the proof of single-hearted salvation. 

Take a moment now and ponder the truth that the whole universe is the body of God. What are the ramifications of that for every matter that is viewed in that way? What is the proof that frees us from illness, death and weakening? Certainly this proof must be the first priority for anyone who wishes to complete a path of single-hearted salvation. 

"Sah, sah, do you think that I have become feeble with age or that I am having difficulty because of illness? I am not ill, nor am I feeble. I have taught you completely step by step. Ponder over it well."

Osashizu, January 9, 1887

The commentary that accompanies this "timely talk" begins "On the tenth, however, Oyasama's health failed again.  Everyone was astonished." This very important part of the Model Story shows the point of view of single-heartedness with God clearly contrasted with our ordinary worldly common point of view.